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HABS   4     HAWKS   0

Really no surprise here!  Even with four subs, but with their core players intact, the Habs run roughshod over the Hawks.  Championship game MVP Brian Moore was everywhere!  Zach Wagner with the deuce and Brian Moore and defenseman Jack Leavy with singles.  Sub puck stopper Billy Schaugg reverted back to his playing days’s at Notre Dame High H. S. and produced the shutout!  Hawks goalie Kirk Larson stoned Habs young phenom Zach Wagner twice on breakaways!  Another no brainer, as the rough and tumble Hawks rack up seven penalties in the contest to put them in short handed mode most of the game.  Captain Brendan Brosnan with a double minor unnecessary roughness penalty to go along with his minor roughing penalty.  Eddie Sudzina with a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a ten minute misconduct abuse of officials and an early game third period exit.  A few of the Hawks showed up at Joe Kool’s to participate in the after game glow.



The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired future Captain Matts Sundin from the Quebec Nordiques.
They traded one of their most popular players.
Who was he?
Scroll down for the answer.
Wendall Clark


HAWKS – Very nice team.  Offense has some very impactful players.  Can John McNeilly survive without Rex?  I like the D!

BRUINS – Top notch goalie.  I love the take no prisoners D!  This team definitely has personality!  Putting points on the board could be a little precarious for this squad.

HABS – This team will score – love the forwards!  Goalie is excellent.  Now we get to the D.  Could be a little long in the tooth – eh?

SHARKS – Top notch defensive core.  If Steve Wink wanders, Mike Garlick is more than capable to drop back.  I know they have Dr. Nate.  But scoring could be an issue here.

FLYERS – Team to beat in my humble opinion!  This team will score and never undersell goalie Billy Schaugg.

WINGS – When will Ryan get it right?  I can’t see too many bright spots on this squad.  Another cellar dweller landing is more than very possible!


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Putt Hurd Rex Baker Mike Boguth Jeff Ivory Rea / Knight Terry Boyette
Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain
Rob Olmstead Rex Baker Bryan Prentice Nate McCaughtry Bill Knight Ryan Boyette
248-840-3222 248-770-6536 248-514-8241 248-495-3465 586-481-3225 269-352-3332
A Hawks A Bruins A Canadians A Sharks A Flyers A Red Wings
Wagner, Zach 28 Nalepa, Mike 25 Prentice, Bryan 27 McCaughtry, Nate 28 Moore, Brian 27 Rowling, Rob 27
McNeilly, John 26 Cornish, John 23 Rogers, Mark 25 Miller, Mike 23 Wrobel, Trevor 25 Chodun, Scott 24
Olmstead, Rob 23 Reiss, Joe 22 Bayagich, Steve 22 Garlick, Mike 21 Riddle, Mike 23 Ivory, Jeff 23
Giroux, Rob 19 Rivera, Don 21 Middleton, Rob 20 Peterson, Ward 19 Knight, Bill 22 Bittner, Steve 21
Violassi, Paul 20 Galloway, Jim 22 Lemieux, Steve 20 Ventimiglio, Joe 22 Brown, Mike 20 Erikson, Paul 20
Leslie, Scott 18 Bowers, Chuck 17 Curran, Jeff 17 Casali, Frank 17 Sudzina, Ed 17 Boyette, Terry 17
134 130 131 130 134 132
Leavy , Jack 24 Brosnan, Brendon 24 Dugas, Pierre 25 Reath, Brian 25 Papesh, Marty 25 Boyette, Ryan 25
Boyette, Dana 23 Wosek, Pat 24 Rogers, Lloyd 23 Puffer, Jim 22 Rea, Dan 24 Salvatore, Kurt 22
Krueger, Mike 20 Baker, Rex 23 Elsey, Paul 17 Wink, Steve 19 Barr, Brian 18 Roehl, Doug 19
Maisonneuve, Craig 17 Bastuba, Craig 23 Schaeffler, Ken 17 Lybecker, Kyle 23 Priauix, Jack 17 Funk, Jeff 20
84 94 82 89 84 86
Polizzi, Joe 19 Alicandro, Ben 22 Nadolsky, Gordon 23 Norrington, Dar 21 Schaugg, Bill 21 Arthur, Kris 22
237 246 236 240 239 240
Subs Call Subs Call Subs Call Subs Call Subs Call Subs Call
Rob Olmstead Rex Baker Bryan Prentice Nate McCaughtry Bill Knight Ryan Boyette
248-840-3222 248-770-6536 248-514-8241 248-495-3465 586-481-3225 269-352-3332

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