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LEAFS   6   BRUINS   2

Jeff Ivory leads the Leafs over the Bruins with the trick!  Singles for Sting rookie Chris Gerbino, Mike Riddle and Danny Shannon.  The Browns – Mike T. and Todd tally for the men in yellow in this penalty free game.  The Leafs played both games a man short today as “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio lived up to his moniker today!   He was left in the locker room before game one, spewing expletives on the phone to an unknown party.  He ended up leaving the arena before even putting one skate on.

HABS   7   HAWKS   3

1-1 entering the final period – then the Frenchmen proceed to rip off six final period goals!  The league’s leading scorer Robbie Olmstead with the tour du chapeau.  Speedy Paul Violassi with the deuce.  Singles for “Midtown” Mikey Brown and Sting rookie Bob Rowling, who also added three helpers.  John “Shifty” Shelton(2) and sub Scott Davenport tally for the Hawks.

LEAFS   7    HAWKS   2

Wow!  After scoring the hat trick in game one – Mr. Jeff Ivory betters that – with a four goal game in game two, for a total of 7 goals on the night!  Singles for Danny Shannon, Lenny Gerbino and scoring on his infamous patented backhand – Curt Lesnau, who also added three helpers.  Leafs right winger Mike Ala with a big 4 assist game.  Subs Scott Davenport and on a nifty tip – Terry Boyette score for the Hawks, who drop a deuce in inglorious fashion today.



STARS   5    BRUINS   0

The Stars take two for the day behind the excellent shutout goaltending of Billy Schaugg.  Joey Reiss with the deuce.  Singles for Eddie Sudzina, Steve Bittner and Billy “The Dark” Knight.  No Bruins highlights as they drop a deuce today in this penalty free contest.

Who is the only NHL player to have 10 points in a game? Scroll down for the answer.






Darryl Sittler – Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Boston Bruins – 6 goals & 4 assists.

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