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HAWKS    3    FLYERS   2

A game of very high magnitude – the Hawks come back from a 2-1 deficit to score the game tying and winning goal in a one minute final period span.  “Old Man” Jack Priauix, Eddie Sudzina and sub Scott Davenport tally for the Hawks.  Goaler Kirk “Captain America” Larson with an excellent game between the pipes!  Mike “King of the Road” Miller and Billy “The Dark” Knight do the honors for the Flyers.

HABS   6    BRUINS   2

This well balanced Captain Robbie Olmstead picked team continues to steam roll opponents!  MVP and Rookie of the Year Zach Wagner with the tour du chapeau.  Singles for Rob Giroux, Scott Mitchell and Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi.  Goaler “Smoking” Joe Polizzi with a very light workload.  Brian Barker and John McNeilly score for the men in yellow.  Mr. Barker picks up an unsportsmanlike minor penalty.  Bruins defenseman Kenny Schaeffler was the latest, late arriving casualty, due to the dreaded variable schedule.

HABS   8    WINGS   3

The Frenchmen remain undefeated in this year’s playoffs as they sweep for the day!  Deuces wild for Zach Wagner and Scott Mitchell.  Singles for Robbie Olmstead, Brian Moore, Lenny Gerbino and Paulie Polizzi.  Rob Giroux and sub “Sam” Cook with three helpers apiece.  Wings – Terry Boyette, Mike Nalepa and Paul Violassi.

SHARKS   5     FLYERS   5

This was a wild one!  The Flyers go up 4 zip and then 5-2 entering the final period.  Following up on Shark week last week, the Sharks roar back for their third tie of the playoffs.  Center Rob Rowling with a two goal game for Flyers.  Singles for Billy Knight, Mike Riddle and a very nice blast from the left point – short side – Brian Barr.  Flyers winger Frank “Crash” Casali was outstanding in a penalty killing role!  Deuces wild for Dr. Nate and the late arriving Scott Chodun.  Smooth defenseman Kyle Lybecker also with a goal.

HAWKS   5     WINGS   1

1-1 entering the final stanza.  Then the Hawks score twice on the power play and once shorthanded to sweep for the day!  Hawks – Joey Reiss, Eddie Sudzina, Greg Kalvin, Donnie Rivera and sub “Smiling” Scott Davenport.  Goaler Kirk Larson with a five save game.  Wings sub Jeff Ivory was the only Wing to solve Captain America.  Big Mike Folster of the Hawks incurs a solo roughing minor penalty.

BRUINS   9    SHARKS   7

Whoa!  I’ve played this game for 55 years!  Stop and digest that statement.  And I have never seen such a nonperformance from a single hockey player!  Of course I will not name him.   But – a certain Sharks sub defenseman was out on the ice for all nine Bruins goals!  Cough – tape to tape passes to the opposition – you name it!  It was really unbelievable!  The Bruins roar back from multiple deficits to win their first game of the playoffs and send the Fish to their first defeat of the playoffs!  The winless Bruins enter this game and employ the defenseman play forward and the forwards play defense theory – and it worked to perfection.  Mike Garlick, Chris Isola, John McNeilly and Brian Barker(Also 4 Helpers) all with two goal games!  Winger Steve Bayagich also with a goal.  Many of the Bruins goals were tap ins with not Shark in sight.  Right winger Rex Baker with a four assist game!  Sharks – Sub Jeff “Marine” Steiber(2), Nate McNaughtry, Lloyd Rogers, Steve Bittner, Scott Chodun and Pierre Dugas, who was so disgusted following the game, that he was out of the locker room in record time!  Sometimes it’s better to say nothing!  Sharks sub defenseman Rob Aughe with a minor unsportsmanlike infraction.




Who was Chicago Black Hawks HOF goalie Eddie Belfour’s backup in 1990-1992?
Hint – he also is a HOF goalie.
Scroll down for the answer.
Dominik Hasek 

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