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SHARKS   3     FLYERS   3
A nice goaltending battle between Brian Miller of the Sharks and Joe Polizzi of the Flyers.  Dave “Adam” West, Waz Sarweh and Mike Nalepa tally for the Sharks.  Jamie Smith goes twine twice for the Flyers.  Lehigh Valley call up Charlie Eslinger with their initial goal.  This was a penalty free game.  
WINGS   6     HAWKS   4
Line-mates Zach Wagner(3 & 1) and Steve Bayagich(1 & 3) do most of the damage for the Wings!  John Cornish and Jim Roble also with goals.  Rob Rowling with the trick for the Hawks.  Anthony Amato with a single.  Detroit Lions quarterback coach Mark Brunell lookalike(See Picture Below) defenseman Jack Leavy with the hat trick assist.  
BRUINS   3    HABS   1
Goal-keep Gordy Nadolsky was the story of this game for the Bruins, as he had the French guys shaking their heads time after time!  Just to be clear – Bruins forward Nick Piccolo was not in attendance today – so he could not have scored the Bruins first goal!  Marty Papesh, Mark Micolo and sub Rob Aughe tally for the Bruins.  Habs sub Tringalli with their lone goal.  Habs forward Jeff Steiber with a solo roughing minor infraction.      
SHARKS   6     BRUINS   2
Deuces wild for Waz Sarweh and Mike “Padre” Nalepa as the Sharks play a great game and fest on the Bruins.  The Daves – West and Rupprecht with singles.  Marty Papesh and Jimmy “Jets” Galloway with the Bruins goals.  Dave West with a solo minor roughing penalty.  
HAWKS   5     HABS   3
Another hat trick for scoring machine Rob Rowling of the Hawks!  His first two goals were on consecutive first period shifts.  Robbie Olmstead and Paul Elsey Jr. also with Hawks goals.  Jeff Steiber, Billy Reiss and sub Mike Garlick with the Habs markers as they are now winless in their past two doubleheaders.     
FLYERS   10    WINGS   6
Wow!  Both teams were flying high this game!  Subbing for Captain Trevor Wrobel who is on the DL with lower body injury – Mr. Keith Elsey with a four goal game!  Jamie Smith with another two goal game and the pride of St. Norbert’s College located on the shores of Wisconsin – “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio also with the deuce.  Singles for Rob Montgomery and sub Charlie Eslinger.  Jim Roble and John Cornish score twice for the Wings.  Former Detroit Tiger pitcher Hannibal Sanchez lookalike(See Picture Below) sub Dana Boyette also scored in this penalty free game.  Despite scoring 12 goals in today’s DH, the Wings only split!  
Which NHL player has the most career points playing for his one and only team?
The Red Wings Steve Yzerman – 1,755 points.

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