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HAWKS   4    FLYERS   3

Brian Moore leads the Hawks with the natural hat trick in period one!  Bob Hergott with the game winning goal in the final period.  Mike Riddle, Trevor Wrobel and sub Kurt Salvador tally for the Flyers.  Jeff Funk of the Hawks picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.

WINGS   8    BRUINS   4

The pride of Central Michigan, Mr. Zach Wagner with a four goal game!  Singles for line-mate Terry Boyette, Ken Kluz, Robert Montgomery and sub Paul Elsey Jr.  Mike Nalepa scores twice for the Bruins.  Singles for line-mates Jeff Steiber and Rex Baker.  This was a penalty free game.

SHARKS   4    HABS   3

Beckoned from the shores of Grosse Pointe, Sharks sub Tim Vaneckoute with the deuce.  Scott Leslie and Dave Rupprecht also score for the Sharks.  Rob Rowling, sub B. Reiss and still looking for a barber – Pat Wosek score for the Habs.  Pierre Dugas and “Angry” Joe Ventimiglio get into a very animated and unfiltered discussion and hit the box in tandem with roughing minor infractions.  Craig Maisonneuve of the Habs gets a roughing minor penalty all by himself.

WINGS   5    SHARKS   1

The top spot Wings total 13 goals on the day as they win their fourth straight game.  Steve Bayagich with a two goal game.  Zach Wagner with a 1 & 3 game and a total of ten points in today’s games!  Ken Kluz(Also 3 Helpers) and Rob “Archie” Montgomery also tally for this explosive Wings squad.  Goal-keep Dar with a a strong game in nets.  Pierre Dugas with the lone Shark goal.  This time, Pierre Dugas picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.  Didn’t need any help this time.

HABS   7    FLYERS   0

Ouch!  1-0 after one.  Then the flood gates opened and the Frenchmen split on the day.  Rob Rowling with the tour du chapeau.  Singles for “Angry” Joe(Also 4 Assists), the masked man Paul Erikson, Pat Wosek and Mark Rogers.  Billy Schaugg with a nine save shutout.  No Flyers highlights as they descend to the cellar and have lost their past two doubleheaders.  Flyers utility player “Midtown” Mikey Brown with slashing and roughing minor penalties in the final period.

HAWKS   4     BRUINS   2

Behind the masked sub goalie Smith, the Hawks sweep on the day!  Brian Moore, Jordan Roberts, Scott Chodun and sub “Smiling” Scott Davenport dent the twine for the Hawks.  Jeff “Marine” Steiber with both Bruins goals as they drop a deuce today.


Who was the last player to not wear a helmet in the NHL?

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