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SHARKS   5     FLYERS   1

Da Sharks play a great game and dispose of the Flyers in fine fashion.  Mike Garlick with a two goal game.  Singles for Greg Stacy(Also 3 Helpers), Rich Artymovich and Dougie Roehl.  Goal-keep Billy Papciak was solid in nets.  Trevor Wrobel with the lone Flyers goal.  Jimmy “Jets” Galloway was a sub no show for the Flyers.  Luckily, Lance Kos was available and filled in.  The Flyers Marty Papesh and Dougie Roehl of the Sharks both hit the box with roughing minor penalties and no Christmas card exchange this year!

HAWKS    5    WINGS   3

The second place Hawks do all the games scoring in the final stanza with three goals and send a message to the first place Wings.  Brian Moore with the deuce.  John Poolton, Lloyd Rogers and Paul Elsey Jr. also with Hawks goals.  Scott Chodun, Nate Wagner and Rob “Larry” Giroux score for the Wings.

HABS   6    BRUINS   3

As Mel Allen would say “How Bout That!”  The Frenchmen win their first game of the season behind the hat trick efforts of Rob Rowling, who was well rested from his one week suspension last week and taking full advantage of it, by being on a beach somewhere enjoying the hockey beverage of choice and my book(See Picture Below).  Anthony Amato with a two goal game.  Rob Montgomery with the game winning goal.  Joey Reiss with the hat trick assist.  Steve Wink, Jamie Smith and Jim Robie tally for the men in yellow in this penalty free game.

SHARKS   10    BRUINS   3

Ouch – as the Bruins give up 16 goals today!  The newly formed PCV line of Nick Piccolo(3 & 4), John Cornish(3 & 1) and sub “Angry” Joe Ventimglio(2 & 4) total 17 points in the game and wreck havoc on the Bruins.  Once again sub “Angry” Joe says: “I love being a Shark!”  Rich Artymovich and sub C. Robillard with singles.  Mike Garlick with three assists.  Rex Baker scores twice for his Bruins and Jeff Steiber once.  Bruins goalie Gordy Nadolsky was seen wandering the solarcaine aisle at Walgreens after the game.

WINGS   6    FLYERS   4

The Wings get back on the winning track as the Flyers go the other way today.  Wings sub Keith Elsey with the deuce.  Singles for Kurt Salvatore, Ryan Boyette, Steve Bayagich and playing some of his best hockey this season – Craig Bastuba.  Trevor Wrobel with the natural hat trick for the Flyers.  Marty Papesh with their first marker.  With a second left in the game, Flyers forward Mark Rogers loses his mind and incurs an abuse of game officials and a game misconduct.

HABS   4    HAWKS   1

The Habs sweep today as they leap frog the Bruins out of the cellar!  Pat “The Beast” Wosek dents the twine twice for the Habs.  Rob Rowling and Joey Reiss also score.  Goalie Billy Schaugg was simply outstanding this game!  John Poolton with the Hawks goal.



Who remembers this pro hockey team in Detroit?

The WHA Michigan Stags played a portion of the 74-75 season in which arena?

Cobo Hall.

That is actually my sticker, when I went to see Gordie Howe playing

for the Huston Aeors against the Michigan Stags at Cobo Hall, thinking

that would be Gordie’s last appearance playing in Detroit.

It wasn’t!


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