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WINGS   7     SHARKS   2

The Wings have some caviar for New Years, as they score twice in the games opening minute!  John Cornish with the deuce.  Singles for Zach Wagner, Terry Boyette, Steve Bayagich, Jim Roble and Scott Chodun.  Craig Bastuba and Waz Sarweh with the Sharks goals in this penalty free game.    

HABS   4    FLYERS   1

The French guys play a great game and convincingly snap the Flyers five game unbeaten streak!  Goalie Kris “King” Arthur was simply outstanding between the pipes!  Center Brian Moore was involved in all their goals with a 2 & 2 game.  Jeff Steiber and sub Mike Garlick with singles.  Jamie Smith with the lone Flyers goal.   

BRUINS   7    HAWKS   2

Line-mates Steve “Mario” Lemieux and Lyle Lovett lookalike(See Picture Below) Ward Peterson each with hat tricks!  Sub Robillard with the game winning goal.  Rob Rowling and Anthony Amato tally for the Hawks. 

WINGS   6     HAWKS   3

The high flying first place Wings sweep their second consecutive doubleheader and send the Hawks in the other direction.  The Wings open up the game with four goals in the games first seven minutes!  Jim Roble with a two goal game.  Singles for Zach Wagner(Also 3 Helpers), John Cornish, Steve Bayagich(Also 3 Assists) and Scott Chodun.  Hawks – Anthony Amato, Rob Rowling and storied North West league legend – Mike Riddle.  Wings forward Scott Chodun with a three penalty game and a very late game exit.     

BRUINS   3     HABS   1

Goalie Gordy Nadolsky was the story of this game as he foiled the Habs time after time!  Nick Piccolo, Ward Peterson and sub Robillard do the honors for the Bruins as they sweep on the day.  Brian Moore with the Habs goal.  

FLYERS   7     SHARKS   3

The Flyers get back on track as they send the Sharks to a double dip defeat.  Scott Kosteich scores twice for the Flyers.  Singles for “Angry” Joe(EN), Rob Montgomery, Ryan Boyette(PP), Jamie Smith and sub Chris Ballach.  Sharks – Craig Bastuba, Mike Nalepa and Dave West.    



Which European goalie has won the most gamers in the NHL?

Henrik Lundquist

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