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WINGS   8     SHARKS   2

I always say, when you can win big and your big gun – in this case Zach – doesn’t score a single goal – that’s a good thing!  Deuces wild for Terry Boyette and Army veteran Eddie Sudzina.  Singles for John Cornish(Also 3 Helpers), Jim Roble, Steve Bayagich and Scott Chodun.  Mike Nalepa and one of my favorite players who never takes a shift off – Craig “The Evil Within” Bastuba score for the Sharks in this penalty free game.    

FLYERS   4    HABS   2

A very good game as Scott Kostesich scores the Flyers first and final goals.  Trevor Wrobel and “Angry” Joe Ventimiglio, on a wicked one time slap shot, also dent the twine.  Jamie Smith with the hat trick assist.  Puck stopper Brian Miller was his butterfly best!  Moncton call up E. Wagner with both French goals.    

BRUINS   2    HAWKS   1

The Bruins, behind goaltender Gordy Nadolsky play a great game and snap their seven game losing streak!  Wearing the best durag in the league, Paul “Bret Micheals” Violassi with both Bruins goals!  Rob Rowling with the Hawks marker.  Hawks goaltender Billy Papciak was outstanding in nets!  This was a penalty free game.     

FLYERS   5    SHARKS   1   

Playing for a different team last season, this offensive weapon of mass destruction was put on D last season!  Why?  The league’s fourth leading scorer, Mr. Jamie Smith scores his teams first four goals!  Nice game Jamie!  Oh – Rob “The Full Monty” Montgomery with the Flyers final goal as they sweep on the day and close in on the first place Wings, only trailing in the standings by a single point.  Trevor Wrobel with three assists.  Once again, goalie Brian Miller was stellar in nets!  Dave “Adam” West with the lone Shark goal as they drop a deuce today.      

WINGS  4     HAWKS   4

The Hawks have a 4-2 lead entering the final stanza and are looking really good!  The Wings pull their goalie down 4-3 and Scott Chodun jumps on a rebound and buries it for the game tying goal!  Rich Artymovich, Jim Roble and Terry Boyette also with Wings goals.  Paul Elsey Jr. scores twice for the Hawks.  Singles for Steve Wink and sub Jerrell.  This was a feisty game, as the Wings had four penalties and the Hawks three!  Finding Dar?  Some say he had lower body surgery – but I know the real answer!  Look what I found in the parking structure at Disney Springs in Florida!  See picture below.  He’s in Florida!     

HABS   8    BRUINS   3

Whoa!  The Habs have a free for all as they score four times in each period!  Having a breakout season and throughly enjoying retirement – Billy Reiss with the tour du chapeau!  Deuces wild for Pat “The Beast” Wosek and sub E. Wagner.  Greg Stacy with their final goal.  Larry “School Boy” Rowe with a four helper game. Pictured below is “School Boys” awesome home outside ice rink, featuring his wife, himself and BSD’S and the Stings Trevor Thompson!  Ward Peterson with the Bruins first two goals.  Mark Micolo with the Bruins final marker.  No trips to the sin bin for either squad.      



George Halas is the oldest head coach to win a championship in any pro sports at 68 years old.
Who is the second oldest?
Hint – think hockey.
Scotty Bowman – 68 years old in 2002 for the Detroit Red Wings.
Pappa Bear was born in February – Scotty in September.

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