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FLYERS   5    WINGS   4

The Flyers double their win output for the season with their victory!  Flyers center Trevor Wrobel was all over the ice with the hat trick!  Paul Vioalssi and sub Barker also score for the Flyers.  Zach Wagner scores twice for the Wings.  Rob Montgomery and Greg Stacey on a breakaway also with Wings markers.

HABS   6    HAWKS   5

Big Rob Rowling and sub B. Reiss dent the twine twice for the Habs as they outlast the Hawks.  Singles for Paul “Stork” Erickson and Captain Joey Reiss. Mark Rogers with the hat trick assist.  Deuces wild for line-mates Robbie Olmstead and Brian Moore of the Hawks.  Newly turned 50 year old Scott Chodun also with a goal.  Jordan Roberts of the Hawks and Craig Maisonneuve of the Habs both hit the box in tandem with roughing minor infractions.  Mark Rogers picks up a roughing minor penalty all by himself.

BRUINS   5     SHARKS   2

The Sharks receive two first period goals from Captain Nate McNaughtry and enter the final period feeling pretty good up 2 zip.  Da Bruins roar back for five final period goals for the convincing W!  Jeff “Marine” Steiber scores his first of two goals just 47 seconds into the final period.  Singles for John Cornish, Nick Piccolo and sub Scott Davenport.  Goaler Kris “King” Arthur with a solid game in nets.

HABS   6    WINGS   5

Firing on all cylinders today, the now first place Habs sweep on the day!  Rob Rowling with another two goal game.  Singles for Eddie Sudzina, Pat Wosek, Mark Rogers and sub B. Reiss.  A rare double dip loss for the now third place Wings, as they surrender 11 goals on the day!  Zach Wagner with another two goal game.  Steve “Mario” Lemieux, Greg Stacey and Robert Montgomery also with goals.

HAWKS   3     SHARKS   2

Hawks goalie “Smoking” Joe Polizzi had the glove hand working this game!  Brian Moore, Jordan Roberts and Dougie Roehl were the Hawks marksman.  Nate McNaughtry and sub Paul Elsey Jr. scored for the goal starved Sharks.  Mike Krueger of the Sharks picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.  Likewise for the Hawks Jack Leavy.

FLYERS    5    BRUINS   4

Whats going on here!  The Flyers put in two fantastic performances today and sweep on the day!  Injured Captain Danny Rea appears before the game and is behind the bench for a very short while.  He watches the Bruins score on their first four shots of the game and then promptly disappears not to be seen again – Lol!  Trevor Wrobel, sub Barker and the grind line of Jimmy “Jets” Galloway, Paul Vioalssi and sub Curt Lesnau score for the Flyers as they complete their rousing comeback!  After Lesnau’s goal, opposing player Rex Baker comes up to him and says: “Curt that backhand has to be outlawed!”  Ha ha.  Gotta love it!  John Cornish with the deuce for the Bruins.  Singles for Jeff Stieber and sub “Smiling” Scott Davenport. Late in the game, Davenport receives a major league chop on the glove from Flyers sub defenseman Kurt Salvatore.  No penalty called.  Davenport was livid and ended the last few minutes of the game loudly telling the referee’s and anyone else who would listen what BS that was!  Can’t we all just get along?


Buffalo’s famous French Connection line is Gilbert Perreault, Rene Robert and Richard Martin.
What were their numbers?
Perreault – 11
Robert – 14
Martin – 7

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