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BRUINS   5      WINGS   5

Wow!  The Bruins jump out to a 4 zip lead just five minutes into the game, only to squander this sure W!  Credit to the Wings for crawling back for the tie!  Bruins sub Jeff “Marine” Stieber with the hat trick!  Singles for Zach Wagner and Brendan Brosnan.  Wings sub Rob Aughe with a two goal game.  Paul “Stork” Erickson, Jeff Ivory and sub Mercola also score for the Wings.  Grizzled veteran Bruins defenseman Lou “The Butcher” Suvak incurs a solo roughing minor penalty.

HABS   2     SHARKS   2

This was an interesting contest as the undisciplined Habs pick up six penalties to the Sharks zero.  Sharks sub Cealian with the power play game tying goal with the goalie pulled!  Brian Reath with the Sharks initial goal also of the power play variety.  Habs sub Paul Elsila scores 17 ticks into the game.  Bob Hergott of the Habs scores 15 ticks into the final period.

HAWKS   4     FLYERS   1

The Hawks do a fly over in this contest and ground the Flyers.  Hawks sub “Skip” Lockwood with the deuce.  Singles for Brian Moore and Dave Marcero.  Hawks sub goalie “Rickey” Nelson was strong between the pipes.  Defenseman Danny Rea with the lone Flyers highlight, as he goes end to end with the unassisted Flyers goal.

HAWKS   5     BRUINS   4

The Hawks sweep on the day behind another two goal game from sub “Skip” Lockwood.  Singles for Brian Hamlin and the Scott’s – Chodun and Mitchell(Also 3 Helpers).  The pride of Allen Park Donnie Rivera, Mike Garlick, Zach Wagner and Brendan Brosnan tally for the men in yellow.

FLYERS    6     HABS   5

Katie bar the door in this contest!  The Flyers score twice in the games first two minutes and then break the 5-5 with 30 seconds left on the arena clock, by a top shelf laser one-timer from long time marksman Mark Rogers.  Paul Violassi, Mike Nalepa(Also 3 Assists), Danny Rea, John Cornish and sub “General” Montgomery all tally for the Flyers.  Big Rob Rowling scores twice for the Habs.  Singles for sub Gregg Calvin, Paul Elslia and David Passwater.  Habs defenseman Pierre Dugas with his first four assist game since playing at the defunct USA Arena on Mound road.

WINGS    6    SHARKS   2

Deuces wild for Wings forwards John McNeilly and Paul Erickson.  Subs Barker and Mercola also with goals.  Wings goaler Kris “King” Arthur held court with an excellent game in nets.  Greg Stacey and Nate McNaughty score for the Fish in this penalty free game.


Which player appeared in the most games for the Montreal Canadians?
Scroll down for the answer.
Henri “The Pocket Rocket” Richard
20 seasons and 1,258 games!

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