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SHARKS   4    FLYERS   2

For the second week in a row the Sharks utilize the Rowling Rules and upend the Flyers.  Subs Sean Kotary(2) and Mark Rogers score for the Sharks.  Curt Lesnau with the Sharks initial goal on a 60 foot tantalizing drive!  You could read Cooper on the puck, as it somehow found it’s way into the net.  Guess Flyers goaler Billy Schaugg was looking for the backhand.  Rob Rowling and sub Trevor Knight tally for the Flyers.  Trevor’s goal was 8 seconds in from the start of the final period puck drop, as he went forward with the puck, split the D and slid the puck five hole.  A thing of beauty!

HABS   7     BRUINS   6

Rookie of the year, Mr. Zach Wagner with a huge four goal game for the Habs!  Brian Moore with a deuce and Captain Robbie Olmstead with their final marker.  Mike Riddle’s son – 18 year old Western Michigan commit Carson, with a two goal game for the Bruins.  Singles for John McNeilly, Greg Stacey, Chris Isola and Steve Bayagich.  Bruins Captain Rex Baker was not a happy camper this game, as the zamboni driver shorted this game by at least five minutes with his missetting of the curfew clock!

HAWKS   8     WINGS   2

The Hawks uncerimoniously stop the Wings six game unbeaten streak in fine fashion!  Deuces wild for “Old Man” Jack Priaux and young man Greg Kalvin.  Singles for Dave Passwater, Joey Reiss and Chad Wooten.  This was the second straight week the Hawks were missing regular goalie Kirk Larson.  Paul “Stork” Erickson and Mike Nalepa were the Wings marksman.

HABS   5     SHARKS   5

For the second week in a row these two teams tie!  The Sharks do all their scoring in the first period and watch a two goal final period lead evaporate.  2000 Colorado Avalanche draftee sub Sean Kotary with the trick.  Singles for fellow subs Mark Rogers and on a beautiful top shelf tip – Gary Szylanski.  Zach Wagner with the tour du chapeau for the Habs to total seven goals on the night!  The very animated and fired up Robbie Olmstead with a two goal game.  His second goal was shorthanded and the game tying goal.

FLYERS   6     WINGS   2

The Flyers right the ship and send the Wings to a double dip defeat.  Billy Knight’s son Trevor, with a four goal game!  Steve “Mario” Lemieux and roving defenseman Marty Papesh with singles.  Paul Erickson and sub Steve Wink score for the Wings as they surrender 15 goals on the night.

HAWKS   5    BRUINS   3

Hawks sweep – Bruins go in the other direction today.  Chad Wooten(2), Jack Priaux, Joey Reiss and Greg Kalvin do the honors for the Hawks.  Feeling especially angry today – Joey Ventmiglio with a two goal game.  Center John McNeilly also with goal.  Rex was not happy with the curfew setting zamboni driver once again!



Which former NHL forward was nicknamed “The “Rat”?
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Kenny ‘”The Rat” Linesman

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