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A League – Weekly Update (June 16, 2016)

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WINGS   10   BRUINS   1

Ouch!  The Wings send the Bruins to their 13th consecutive loss in grand fashion.  Let’s just say their was a little lack of enthusiasm on the Bruins part in this game!  The Wings get to pad their individual stat in this contest!  Wings – Mr. John McNelly with a huge 4 goal and 3 assist game.  Deuces wild for Scott Bozyk and sub Robert Duff.  Singles for Steve Bayagich(Also 3 Helpers) and sub Chris Isola(Likewise 3 Helpers).  Stalwart right defenseman Brendan Brosnan with a 4 assist game.  Goaler Dar with a 6 save game.  Bruins sub “Marine” Steiber with their goal and only highlight in this penalty free game.

HAWKS   3    STARS   2

Dr. Nate McCaughtry scores a hat trick in his third consecutive game for the Hawks.  Joey Reis with both Stars markers.  Both goalers – “Smoking” Joe Polizzi and Billy Schaugg with outstanding games in nets.  Stars defenseman “Baron” Kurt Von Mach picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.

LEAFS    2    HABS   2

A battle of the goaltenders as Scott French and Billy Mac Jr. shined in nets!  Kyle Lybecker and Bob Rowling tally for the Habs.  The Mikes – Riddle and Ala do likewise for the Leafs in this penalty free game.   Goaler Billy Mac Jr. with a long breakaway pass for an assist!

STARS   6   HABS   3

The Stars get back on the winning track as the MRS line totals 12 points in the game.  Mike Miller(3&2), Joey Reiss(4 Assists) and Eddie Sudzina(2&1) form the famed MRS line.  Billy “The Dark” Knight also with a goal.  Bob Rowling(2) and sub Hunter tally for the Frenchmen.

LEAFS   3   WINGS   1

The Wings run into some resistance this gams, as opposed to their first game and the Leafs upend the top spot Wings.  The Mikes – Nalepa(2) and Riddle tally for the men in blue.  The Leafs final goal was compliments of wondering Wings goaltender Dar, who went for a walkabout minus the puck!  Billy Mac Jr. was exemplary in nets in this penalty free game.  Steve Bayagich with the Wings lone goal.  Now – if you lost four face-offs in a row in your own end, would you pull yourself and hit the bench?   That’s exactly what Rob Duff did, as Mike Riddle bested him four straight times on the faceoff.  Nice job Rob – you adhered to protocol!

HAWKS   2    BRUINS   2

Wow!  Kudos to the Bruins, as they pick up their first point in 14 straight games!  They were up 2 zip late, only to see the Hawks claw back for the tie.  The Hawks Lloyd Rogers was heard screaming on his bench: We can’t lose to these guys!”   Playing an outstanding game – Donnie Rivera with both Bruins goals.  Nate McCaughtry and sub Terry Boyette with the Hawks markers.

Whose jersey number was the first one retired by the New Jersey Devils?

Hint – # 4

Scroll down for the answer.







Defenseman Scott Stevens

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