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FLYERS   5     BRUINS   4

Rob Rowling scores his second goal of the game with the goalie pulled to tie it up 4-4 for the Bruins with 33 seconds left!  Flyers sub Burkhardt scores his second goal of the game nine seconds later, for the rousing Flyers win!  Fellow sub C. Wrobel with the final period natural hat trick.  Ron Nanney also with a two goal game for the Bruins.

SHARKS    3    HAWKS   2

Pregame – “Angry” Joe told his teammates, it had to happen sometime and today was the day!  The Sharks unceremoniously snap their robust eight game losing steak!  Goalie Chris MacDonald was outstanding in nets!  Sharks sub Paul Elsey Jr. scores twice.  Anthony Amato with their middle goal.  Robbie Olmstead and Trevor Knight do the honors for the Hawks in this penalty free game.

WINGS   4     HABS   2

2-2 entering the final stanza.  Then the Wings put a two spot up for the victory.  The newly formed SPEED line of Emmett Wagner(2 & 1), Zach Wagner(1 & 3) and sub Paul Violassi(1 & 2) factor in all it’s teams goals with a total of tens points!  Goalie Dar was strong win nets.  Nate McNaughtry and “Downtown” Jimmy Brown score for the Habs who see their four game winning streak end.

BRUINS   10    WINGS   2

Oh Boy!  Bruins jump out to a 7-1 lead in the games first ten minutes!  Wings Captain Zach Wagner skates over to the Bruins bench and pleads with the Bruins to stop scoring, because their fragile goalie is going to have an emotional breakdown!  Mind you – this is the high scoring Wings who last summer only put up 14 goals against an opposing team in the final game of the season!  But – to the Bruins credit, they actually did pull back.  They could have scored 20!   A little payback for Bruins Captain Rob Rowling who last time he played the Wings, was punched in the head by Wings goalie Dar – only to see Mr. Rowling light him up for five day!  Singles for Jim May, Nick Piccolo( Also 3 Assists), Larry “School Boy” Rowe and subs Butch Erikson and Joe Silveri.  Brendan Brosnan with a four assist game.  Steve Bayagich and sub Paul Vioalssi score for the Wings in this humbling for them – penalty free game.

HABS   2     SHARKS   2

A nice goaltending battle between Billy Papciak of the Habs and Chris MacDonald of the Fish!  Sort of rare in this league!  The Italian connection of “Angry” Joe Ventimiglio and Anthony Amato score for the Sharks.  Jeff Steiber and Nate McNaughty tally for the Habs.

HAWKS   9    FLYERS   2

The Hawks have a field day against the very formidable Flyers!  Mike Nalepa and Trevor Knight both with two goal games.  Singles for Steve Lemieux, Scott Leslie, Brian Moore, Robbie Olmstead and Jim Bulgarelli.  Mike Riddle and sub C. Wrobel with the Flyers markers.  Jeff Funk of the Hawks does one of his oblivious moves and high sticks Mike Riddle, as Funk hits the box with a high sticking minor penalty and Riddle for a roughing minor penalty.


Who is the only player to win a Hobey Baker Award(College hockey’s version of the Heisman Trophy), Olympic Gold and a Stanley Cup?

Neal Broten


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Michigan Sting is a premier men’s ice hockey club located in Troy, Michigan. Since our establishment in 2004, we have grown into one of the largest and most successful senior hockey clubs in the Midwest. With two competitive leagues, we offer opportunities for players (35+) to compete and enjoy the game we love.

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