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BRUINS   5    WINGS   1

Da Bruins dominate the top spot Wings behind the excellent puck stopping efforts of sub Bissell!  Forward John Cornish with the deuce.  Singles for Mike “Padre” Nalepa and subs Mike Ala and Scott Davenport.  Center Zach Wagner with the Wings marker.

SHARKS   3    HAWKS   3

Sharks sub Andy Bergeson with all three Sharks goals!  Brian Moore(2) and Jordan Roberts do the honors for the Hawks.  Both goalies – Billy Papciak of the Sharks and coming off his Michigan Senior Olympics tournament victory – “Smoking” Joe Polizzi were excellent in nets!

HABS   6    FLYERS   4

Center Rob Rowling of the Habs, bats in the game winning goal in midair baseball style off a rebound, as the Habs defeat the visiting Flyers.  Rowling completed his hat trick on his next shift!  “Angry” Joe was the recipient of a beautiful three way passing play, started by sub left wing Billy Reiss on a nice direction pass to Mark Rogers, who carried the puck into the zone and fed “Angry” for the slam dunk!  Subs Justin “Mickey” Brantley and the heavily tattooed and long haired Anthony “Lucky” Amato with singles.  Center Trevor Wrobel scores twice for the Flyers.  Jimmy “Jets” Galloway scores and on the first shot of the game 21 ticks in, on a perfectly placed low short side shot, Rich Artymovich beats Habs goalie Billy Schuagg, who has a penchant for foregoing warmups.

HABS   2    BRUINS   0

Simply put – this was the Billy Schaugg show!  Reverting back to his Notre Dame HS days, playing at the school’s home rink of Fraser Hockeyland, Billy had the Bruins talking to themselves with the shutout!  Pat “The Beast” Wosek and “Angry” Joe Ventimiglio tally for the second place Frenchmen who sported five subs today.  After the Habs first goal, Bruins goalie sub Bissell goes into the corner saying very bad words!  After the Habs second goal, on a cough by one of the Bruins sub forwards, while sitting on the bench, Scott Davenport heaves his stick up against the back wall!  Are we talking passion or what?

HAWKS    3    WINGS   1

Playing their best hockey of the season, the Hawks are now undefeated in their past two doubleheaders!  Playoffs leading scorer Hawks center Brian Moore with another two goal game!  Line-mate Jordan Roberts with the middle goal.  Puck stopper Joe Polizzi shined in nets!  As in game one – Zach Wagner with the lone Wings goal, as they make the standings very interesting with the double dip loss.

SHARKS   5    FLYERS   2

The Sharks score on their first shift of both periods to defeat the beleaguered Flyers.  Sub Barker with a two goal game.  Singles for Scott Leslie, and subs Neilson and marine Chris Isola.  Defenseman and master facilitator Brian Reath with the hat trick assist in this penalty free game.  “Midtown” Mikey Brown and returning from a five week stint on the DL with a lower body injury – Paul Vioalssi score for the Flyers.  With the DH loss, the Flyers are basically caput in the playoffs.  It’s been a very long and trying two seasons for this very talented individual group of players, who for whatever reason, never really meshed as a team.


Why did HOF’er Ray Bourke wear number 77?
To honor Boston Bruins HOF’er Phil Esposito, who wore number 7.

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