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HAWKS   1     BRUINS   1

A very spirited affair, as both teams rack up five penalties apiece.  Both puck stoppers – sub E. Miller of the Bruins and “Smoking” Joe Polizzi of the Hawks were simply outstanding in nets!  Mike “Padre” Nalepa puts the Bruins up 1-0.  Zach Wagner tie’s it up 1-1 in the final period.  Pat “The Beast” Wosek and Jack Priaux both hit the box with roughing minor penalties.  That was Mr. Wosek’s second of three penalties in the game.  Craig Bastuba of the Bruins incurs a first shift unsportsmanlike minor penalty.  This game marked the return of Hawks forward Robbie Olmstead from his middle body injury.

SHARKS   9    HABS   2

It was ugly early and often for the discontented and uninterested Habs.  The Sharks score three times on the game’s first shift.  Now – I always say – I’ll be minus two – but never a minus three!  I get off the ice!  Didn’t happen for this minus three Habs starting forward line!  Dr. Nate McNaughtry with a 4 & 3 game!  Right defenseman Steve Wink with the deuce.  Singles for Greg Stacy, Ward Peterson and “Angry” Joe.  Right winger Steve Bayagich with both French goals in this penalty free game.

WINGS   4    FLYERS   3

Wings go up 3-0 after period one – only to see the Flyers roar back to tie it up 3-3.  Then two minutes later, Wings defenseman Kurt Salvatore blasts the game winning goal from the left point!  Rob Rowling, Scott Chodun and sub Scott Boyzk also score for the Wings.  Flyers – Billy “The Dark” Knight(2) and Brian Moore.  Dougie Roehl of the Wings picks up an unsportsmanlike minor penalty.

BRUINS   4    SHARKS   2

The Bruins prevail in a game of major consequence!  The Bruins are now undefeated in their past seven playoff games.  Mike Nalepa with a two goal game for the Bruins.  Singles for John Cornish and Joey Reiss.  Once again – sub goaler E. Miller was outstanding in nets!  Nate McNaughtry and sub Mike Miller score for the Fish.  Jimmy “Jets” Galloway of the Bruins cross checks Dr. Nate, who takes exception and chops Jimmy back.  Too the box they go!  Sharks sub “Smiling” Scott Davenport with an early first period unsportsmanlike minor penalty.

WINGS    6    HABS   3

The big guy was hungry!  Mr. Rob Rowling with a four goal game as the Wings are now alone in first place!  Subs Justin “Mickey” Brantley and Lenny Gerbino with singles.  Steve Lemieux, Mark Rogers and sub Greg Kalvin score for the Habs.

HAWKS   7     FLYERS   4

4-4 at the end of one!  Whoa!  Then Zach Wagner completes the natural hat trick to send the Hawks to the W.  Paul  “Brett Michaels” Violassi with a two goal game.  Singles for Craig Maisonneuve and John McNeilly.  Flyers – Mike Riddle, Billy Knight, Trevor Wrobel and Marty Papesh.


Who was the first father/son combo to reach 50 goals in a season?
Scroll down for the answer.
Bobby and Brett Hull

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