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SHARKS   5     FLYERS   1

Deuces wild for “Scowling” Scott Leslie and sub Hentshel, as the host Sharks defeat the Flyers.  Rich Artymovich with their final marker.  Goaler Billy Schaugg was his usual solid self in nets.  Mike “King of the Road” Miller with the lone Flyers goal.  This was a penalty free game.

BRUINS   10    HABS   1

Oh Boy!  Baker’s Bruins pour it on in this game!  The Habs goalie was seen wandering around in the Solarcaine aisle at Walgreens following today’s games!  Here we go – Zach Wagner(3 & 3), sub Scott Davenport(3 & 2), Donnie Rivera(2 & 1) and single goals for Rex Baker(Also 3 Helpers) and Mike Garlick.  The one Canadian highlight – Rob Rowling’s goal.  Another penalty free game.

WINGS   5    HAWKS   3

Jimmy “Jets” Galloway scores the Wings first and final goals.  John McNeilly, Chad Wooten and Paul “Stork” Erikson with singles.  Scott Chodun, Brian Moore and Dave Marcero do the honors for the Hawks.

BRUINS   4     SHARKS   3

Da Bruins vault into first place with their fourth consecutive victory!  “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio, Donnie Rivera, Mike Garlick and sub “Smiling” Scott Davenport score for the men in yellow.  Bruins puck stopper “Smoking” Joe Polizzi had a lot more work this game and was up to the task!  Sharks sub Hentsel with another two goal game.  Fellow sub Ruppert “Murdoch” with the Sharks middle marker.

FLYERS   0    WINGS   0

Very rare indeed!  In this run and gun league you just don’t see many scoreless games!  Kudos to Wings goalie Kris “King” Arthur and Flyers net-minder Hugo Fortin!  Both goalie were simply outstanding!  Another penalty free game today.

HAWKS   5     HABS   2

The Hawks win their second game of the season and send the Frenchmen to a double dip defeat.  The Scott’s – Chodun and Mitchell – the Brian’s – Moore and Hamlin and Robbie Olmstead score for the Hawks.  Rob Rowling and Larry “School Boy” Rowe dent the twin for the Habs.



Who was the first defenseman to win the Conn Smyth Trophy(MVP playoffs)?
And NO – it’s NOT Bobby Orr.
Scroll down for the answer.
Serge Savard – Montreal Canadians – 1969.

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