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HABS   2     FLYERS   1

Tim Craddock snaps the 1-1 tie with his second goal of the game late in the final stanza for the Habs W.  Goaltender Gordie Nadolsky was outstanding between the pipes.  Mark Rogers with the lone Flyers marker.

SHARKS   5     WINGS   1

Nate McNaughty leads the Sharks with the deuce.  Singles for Ward Peterson, Trevor Wrobel and sub Rupprecht.  Net-minder Billy Schaugg with an exemplary game in nets.  Jeff Ivory scores for the Wings.

BRUINS   3    HAWKS   2

All the games scoring is accomplished in the first period.  Zach Wagner, Rex Baker and Brendan Brosnan do the honors for the men in yellow.  Goalie “Smoking” Joe Pollizi showed a quick glove hand today!  Former Lions QB Scott Mitchell and Bob “Larry” Giroux tally for the Hawks.

WINGS   3    HAWKS   0

The Wings and sub goalie  “Hello Marylou” “Rickey” Nelson shut out the Hawks and keep them winless on the young season.  As in game one – Jeff Ivory scores for the Wings.  Mike Riddle and Pat Wosek also dent the twine.  No Hawks highlights in this penalty free game.

HABS   6    BRUINS   3

The Frenchmen sweep and hand the Bruins their first loss of the year.  Rob Rowling and sub Paul Elslia both with the tour du chapeau!  Zach Wagner(2) and Mike Garlick score for the Bruins.  Garlick picked up a holding infraction and then vehemently voiced his displeasure in colorful language and picked up a minor unsportsmanlike conduct infraction.

SHARKS   3     FLYERS   2

Sharks sweep and Flyers dip in the other direction today.  Just like in game one – Dr. Nate with the deuce.  Sub and Marine Chris Isola with the game winning goal.  Danny Rea and Mike Nalepa tally for the Flyers.



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Michigan Sting is a premier men’s ice hockey club located in Troy, Michigan. Since our establishment in 2004, we have grown into one of the largest and most successful senior hockey clubs in the Midwest. With two competitive leagues, we offer opportunities for players (35+) to compete and enjoy the game we love.

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