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SHARKS   4    HAWKS   2

Sharks down two zip entering the final stanza – then they score a power play and shorthanded goal among their four final period tallies.  Trevor Wrobel with the deuce.  Singles for Brian Barr and Greg Stacey.  Goaler Billy Schaugg stood tall in nets.  Brian Moore and Scott Mitchell score for the Hawks.

BRUINS   7     FLYERS   2

Zach Wagner scores his first of three goals ten seconds into the game and the rout was on!  Paul Elsey, Mike Brown, “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio and Buck Farmer lookalike Brendan Brosnan all with singles.  Playmaker extreme – Rex Baker with four helpers.  The Mikes – Miller and Nalepa tally for the Flyers.  Captain Billy Knight of the Flyers with a solo roughing penalty.  Getting a little creative today – Danny Rea of the Flyers with a throwing the stick penalty.

WINGS   7    HABS   4

Ouch!  The Wings rack up six first period goals as Habs goalie Gordie Nadolsky has nonsupport nightmare flashbacks of last season!  Chad Wooten and sub Chris Isola both with two goal games.  Pat “The Beast” Wosek, John McNeilly and Steve Bayagich also with goals.  Steve “Mario” Lemieux scores twice for the Habs.  Rob Rowling and Joey Reiss with singles.

BRUINS    6     WINGS   3

Da Bruins sweep as they dent the twine 13 times today!  Picking right up where he left off last season – Zach Wagner with a four goal game and seven on the night!  Rex Baker and Mike Garlick also tally for the Bruins.  Chad Wooten, Steve Bayagich and sub Scott Davenport score for the Wings.

HABS   2     SHARKS   1

A goaltender battle between winning goalie Gordie Nadolsky and the old veteran Billy Schaugg.  Rob Rowling and Joey Reiss with the Habs markers.  Power play specialist Kenny Schaeffler with the lone Shark goal.  The goal brought back memories for Kenny of Heilman’s Field, when he was playing outdoors and using Winkleman catalogs for shin pads.  Heck – Kenny even remembers before Heilman Field, when it was Parkgrove Army Base from 1952 – 1957 on Detroit’s east side!  The good old days!

FLYERS   4    HAWKS   1

This was a wild one as both teams rack up eleven penalties!  Paul “Brett Michaels” Vioalssi with the deuce for the Flyers.  Singles for Mike Nalepa and Danny Rea.  Sting rookie goalie Hugo Fortin was excellent between the pipes for the Flyers.  Brian Moore with the lone Hawks marker as they drop a deuce today.  Scott Mitchell(Cross Checking) of the Hawks and Billy Knight(Slashing) of the Flyers hit the box in tandem.  Buddies Scott Chodun and Mike Miller both trade expletives and receive two minute unsportsmanlike penalties.  Hopefully they shared post game beverage’s in the parking lot.


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