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BRUINS   4     SHARKS   2

Bruins jump out to 3-0 first period lead thanks to a buzzer beater first period goal by sub Jack Priauix.  Fellow sub Gregg Calvin, Zach Wagner and “Midtown” Mikey Brown also dent the twine.  Goaltender “Smoking” Joe Polizzi again had his glove hand working today!  Brian Reath and “Scowling” Scott Leslie tally for the Fish.

FLYERS   5    WINGS   0

Flyers Captain Billy Knight tells his goaltender son Brendan “Your playing with the old guys today!”  Brendan with the well deserved whitewash as the Flyers win their only game of this young season.  Deuces wild for Mark Rogers and Mike “Padre” Nalepa.  German sub Kluz with their final marker.  The Bruins were minus Captain Rex Baker today, as it was rumored he was on his way back from DC.

HABS   3     HAWKS   2

Free skating Craig Bastuba breaks the 2-2 tie with under a minute left in the game for the Frenchmen!  Rob Rowling and Steve “Mario” Lemieux with their first two goals.  Goaler Gordy Nadolsky with an assist.  Brian Hamlin and Scott Mitchell score for the Hawks.  Both goalies – Gordy Nadolsky of the Habs and sub “Rickey” “Hello Mary Lou” Nelson of the Hawks were excellent between the pipes!

HAWKS   5    SHARKS   2

Things were looking pretty good for the Sharks, up two zip very late in the first period.  Then Hawks sub “Skip” Lockwood scores with just under a minute left in the period.  Two minutes later in the final period, fellow sub Tringali one-tines a goal.  Then in rapid succession Brian Hamlin, Scott Mitchell and sub Rob Aughe all score for the Hawks as the talons come out and the Sharks are a tasty dinner!  Trevor Wrobel and Greg Stacey score for the Sharks.

BRUINS    5     FLYERS   4

Zach Wagner completes his hat trick with just under two minutes left in the game to send the Bruins to a DH sweep!  “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio and sub Gregg Kalvin also tally for the men in yellow.  Clarkston’s Everest Collegiate High School President Mike Nalepa again scores twice for the Flyers, as he eagerly anticipates his school’s first ever regional final’s playoff game on Saturday!  Go Mountaineers!  Billy Knight and sub Jeff “Marine” Steiber also with Flyers goals.

WINGS   6     HABS   5

Katie bar the door on this game!  Paul “Stork” Erikson of the Wings scores his first of two goals 38 ticks into the contest as both teams split on the day.  Jeff Ivory and returning from his self imposed month long hiatus, Terry Boyette and subs Mercola and Barker also with Wings goals.  Moncton sub Paul Eislia with the tour du chapeau for the Habs!  As in game one – Rob Rowling and Steve Lemieux also score.  Habs defenseman Pierre Dugas crosschecks Paul Erickson and Paul voices his unsolicited displeasure, as Paul racks up a minor unsportsmanlike penalty as they hit the box in tandem.


HOF coaches Scotty Bowman and Al Arbour both started their coaching careers with the same team.
Name that NHL team.
Scroll down for the answer.
They were both hired and fired by the St. Louis Blues, who finally won their first Stanley Cup last year!  Bet the Blues have regretted those firings throughout the decades!

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