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HABS   12    FLYERS   4

There was no mercy here!  The Habs just kept pouring it on against the Flyers and their sub goalie!  Robbie Olmstead with a 3 & 4 game!  Center Brian Moore also with the trick.  Chris Isola with the deuce.  Singles for Kyle Lybecker, sub Hastings and the Mikes – Wilson and T. Brown.  Mike Nalepa with a two goal game for the Flyers.  Singles for Steve “Mario” Lemieux and Curt Lesnau.  No trips to the sin bin for either team.

SHARKS   3    HAWKS   0

After 180 regular season and playoff games – the league finally has it’s first shutout of the season!  Pretty amazing!  Wearing his favorite black jersey – “Smoking” Joe Polizzi was on his game today as he continually foiled the Hawks.  Jeff Ivory, Mike Brown and Billy Mac Jr. score for the Sharks.  No Hawks highlights.  In the waining seconds of the game – the Hawks Scott Chodun(A 4 minute roughing penalty) and the Sharks Mike Riddle(A 2 minute roughing penalty) exchange unpleasantries at each other.

WINGS   9    BRUINS   5

The Wings pound the Bruins with four subs in their lineup!  Power winger and scoring machine Mr. Rob Rowling with a huge five goal game!  Jack Prioux with the deuce.  Singles for Steve Bayagich and sub Marcel Dimitrie.  Joey Reiss(4 Helpers) and sub Dave Wilson(3 Helpers) with play maker patches.  Bruins – Jeff Funk, Joey Ventimiglio, Mike Miller and John McNeilly(Also 3 helpers).  McNeilly also with a ten minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and early game exit.  The reeling Bruins gave up nine goals in game two last week – for a two game total of 18!  Ouch!

SHARKS    8    FLYERS   1

The top spot Sharks remain undefeated in their past six playoff contests!  “Downtown” Jimmy Brown was everywhere with a 3 & 3 game!  Brother Mike and Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi with two goals apiece.  Jeff Ivory also with a goal and a class act move late in the game.  Obviously, the Sharks in control of the game with a 8-1 lead.  Jeff gets the puck in the slot – then instead of attempting to score, he goes backhand to his defenseman at center ice!  Class act Jeff!  Curt Lesnau with the lone Flyers goal as they lose their third consecutive playoff doubleheader and allow 20 goals on the day in this penalty free game.

HABS   3     BRUINS   2

The Habs sweep for the day as the Bruins lose their third consecutive game.  Brian Moore(SH) and subs Hastings and “Diamond” Dave Vorhes tally for the Frenchmen.  Playing like his college days at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin – “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio with both Bruins markers.  This was a hotly contested and heated game as ten penalties in all were called! The Bruins Jeff Funk and Chris Isola both with holding minors and waltz off in tandem to the box.  The Habs Mike Wilson with a solo roughing minor followed later by a ten minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and an early shower.  Chris Isola(Goalie Interference) and Benny Hudson(Interference) go off to the box simultaneously.  The Bruins Mike Miller with a solo roughing minor penalty.  The scorekeeper was busy.

WINGS   2    HAWKS   2

A well played contest as goaltenders Kirk “Captain America” Larson and Hawks sub Rodney Heid play exceptionally well in nets.  Scott Chodun and defenseman Chris Gerbino score for the Hawks.  Joey Reiss and Rob Rowling with the Wings markers.


Who holds the NHL record for most goals scored in the playoffs?
Two players hold this record.
Wayne Gretzky is NOT one of them!
Scroll down for the answer.
19 goals scored in the playoffs.
Reggie Leach – Flyers – 1976
Jari Kurri – Oilers – 1985

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