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BRUINS   0     HAWKS    0

After 192 games played in the regular season and playoffs – there has been only one shutout and that occurred last week!   Today we get the very unusual occurrence of the double whitewash!  Kudos to goaltenders Scott French and Billy Schuagg who put on a puck stoping show for the two people in attendance – Marty Papesh’s parents!

SHARKS    4    HABS   1

The Sharks shut down the high scoring French machine as they register two power play goals in this somewhat chippy contest.  “Downtown” Jimmy Brown with a two goal game for the Sharks.  Power play goals for Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi and Mike Riddle.  Goaltender “Smoking” Joe Polizzi with a yeoman’s effort in nets.  Center Brian Moore with the Habs marker.  Habs sub Trevor Thompson(Cross Checking) and Jimmy Brown(Slashing) hit the box in tandem.

FLYERS   3    WINGS   3

Flyers fight their way back from a two zip deficit, to go up 3-2 only to see Steve “Big Game” Bayagich score on a 5 on 4 with their goalie pulled, with only 8 seconds left on the arena clock!  Once again the Flyers lose a late game lead!  Big Rob Rowling and Ryan Boyette also score for the Wings.  Lloyd Rogers(SH), Billy “The Dark” Knight and Danny Rea tally for the Flyers.  Ryan Boyette picks up unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty.

BRUINS   3     SHARKS    3

The top spot Sharks remain undefeated in the playoffs as the Bruins are winless in their previous five contests.  Mike “King of the Road” Miller scores 16 ticks into the game for the Bruins.  Rex Baker and sub Garrick also with Bruins markers.  Jimmy Brown, Mike Riddle and Billy Mac Jr. with the Sharks goals.  Rex Baker and Mike Brown get into a tussle and both incur roughing minor penalties.

HABS   7    WINGS   4

The high scoring Frenchmen make Wings goalie Kirk Larson wish that he had went to his favorite band’s concert tonight – Lynyrd Skynyrd at Freedom Hill as they fill his net with pucks!  Habs sub Scott Bozyk with the tour du chapeau.  Brian Moore with the deuce.  Singles for Robbie Olmstead and sub Trevor Thompson(Also 3 Helpers).  As in game one – Steve Bayagich(2), Ryan Boyette and Rob Rowling score for the Wings.

HAWKS   4    FLYERS   2

Hawks puck stopper Scott “The Wall” French was the story of this game, as continually foiled the Flyers time after time!  Dr. Nate McCaughty, Eddie Sudzina, Scott Chodun and sub Paul Erikson tally for the Hawks.  The Flyers receive two top shelf goals from Steve “Mario” Lemieux and line-mate Mike Nalepa as they remain winless in the playoffs.


There are six pairs of teams among the four major sports in North America (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) with the same name. Who are they?


Scroll down for the answers.






  1. Cardinals: The St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) and the Arizona Cardinals (NFL)
  2. Giants: The San Francisco Giants (MLB) and the New York Giants (NFL)
  3. Kings: The Sacramento Kings (NBA) and the Los Angeles Kings (NHL)
  4. Panthers: The Carolina Panthers (NFL) and the Florida Panthers (NHL)
  5. Rangers: The Texas Rangers (MLB) and the New York Rangers (NHL)
  6. Jets: The New York Jets (NFL) and the Winnipeg Jets (NHL)

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