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AUGUST 4, 2016 – “A” LEAGUE


WINGS   5    BRUINS   3

Wings enter the final stanza up four zip and keep the Bruins in their deep sleep.  Roving sub defenseman James Pufer with a two goal game for the Wings.  Singles for John McNeilly, left winger Scott Bozyk and sub Chodun.  Bruins – Todd Brown, Craig Bastuba and Jamie St. Amand.

LEAFS   3    HAWKS   3

This game had the quality and intensity of a game seven Stanley Cup Final!  The big three for the Hawks – Nate McCaughtry, John Shelton and sub Mark Rogers dent the twine.  Jeff Ivory, “Angry” Joey Ventimiglia and left winger Danny Shannon, with the game tying goal, score for the Leafs in this penalty free game.

HABS    10     STARS   2

Feeling like the Maytag repairman – the loneliest guy on the ice – Stars net minder Billy Schaugg was left alone time after time!  The Frenchman have an offensive field day!  Kyle Lybecker with the natural tour du chapeau in the first period!  Deuces wild for Bob Rowling and sub Scott Davenport.  Singles for Robbie Olmstead(Also 4 Helpers), “Party” Pete Kaczmarek and Paul “Bret Michaels”  Violassi.  Defenseman Jack Leavy with the hat trick assist.  Even sub goaltender “Rickie” Nelson got into the act with an assist.  Mike Miller with both Stars markers in this penalty free game.

LEAFS   3     STARS   3

The Leafs roar back from a final period 3-0 deficit to pick up a point against the Stars.  A little drama ensued here, as the Leafs Mike Riddle had a breakaway with 5 seconds left in the game, only to be hooked from behind for a penalty.  Could have been a penalty shot – but it was deemed not.   Leafs center Jeff Ivory wins the face-off cleanly with 5 seconds left in the game right back to Mike Riddle – who’s shot ends up behind the net.  Some good stuff in this game.  The Leafs line of Jeff Ivory(2 & 1),  Mike Nalepa(1 & 2) and Curt Lesnau(2 Helpers) factor in all of the Leafs goals – totaling 8 points.  After the Stars game one debacle – their defenseman reintroduce themselves to their goalie Billy Schaugg, and play some D.  Eddie Sudzina, Joey Reiss and on a rebound – “Jumping” Jim Leonardi score for the Stars in this penalty free game.

HABS   5   BRUINS   1

The Habs sweep today as they send the woebegone Bruins to their third straight playoff doubleheader defeat.  It’s been a very tough year for the men in yellow, as they have only been victorious in 5 of 34 games this year!  Wow!  Bob Rowling with a two goal game for the Habs.  Paul Vioalssi, Rob Olmstead and sub Scott Davenport(Also 3 Helpers) also with goals.  As in game one – goalie “Rickie – Hello Marylou” Nelson with an assist.  Todd Brown with the Bruins goal.

WINGS   6    HAWKS   3

The battle for first place in the playoff standings!  For some reason, the Hawks make a lineup move in this game, moving long time defenseman and HOS(Hands of Stone) member Lloyd Rogers to forward and move back their sub right wing, who played a very strong game in game one to defense.  Didn’t work – as the Hawks surrender a six spot and the top spot in the playoff standings.   Deuces wild for Jeff Funk and sub Chodun.  “Downtown” Jimmy Brown and Steve Bayagich also score for the Wings.  John “Shifty” Shelton and sub Mark Rogers score for the Hawks.  Hope all goes well with the Hawks Lloyd Rogers, as his leg takes an errant skate and blood started spurting out in intervals.


Who did the Red Wings trade to the Hartford Whalers in 1996 for Brendan Shanahan ?



Scroll down for the answer.









Holdout Keith Primeau, Paul Coffey and a first round draft pick.

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