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WINGS   6    HABS   4

The last place Wings win their first game of the season in fine fashion against the Habs.  Center Brian Moore with the trick!  Mike “King of the Road” Miller with the deuce.  Defenseman Jim Puffer with the Wings final marker.  Center Bryan Prentice with the tour du chapeau for the Frenchmen.  Fellow center Steve Bittner with a far side low goal.

FLYERS   4    BRUINS    4

John McNeilly scores his first of two goals with just 50 seconds left in the first period to put the Bruins up 1-0.  14 seconds later winger Eddie Sudzina of the Flyers ties it up 1-1 entering the final period.  Both teams score three times in the closing period for the stalemate.  Joey Reiss and the newly retired Jack Prioux with the remaining Bruins goals.  Rob Rowling, Pat “The Beast” Wosek, and “Midtown” Mikey Brown round out the Flyers scoring.

HAWKS   4    SHARKS   3

A little oddity here, as the Sharks score with one second left in the first and final period!  Brian Reath with a two goal game for the Hawks.  Singles for Steve Lemieux and Nate McCaughtry.  Jimmy “Jets” Galloway, Craig Bastuba and just off the plane from China(Really – True Story) “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio score for the Fish.

HAWKS   7    FLYERS   5

The red hot Hawks ascend into first place with only one loss on the season and undefeated in their past seven contests!  Kudos to both teams for their resiliently in this game.  The Hawks take a 3-0 lead only to see the Flyers eventually tie the game up 4-4.  The Hawks respond with three goals in just over a minute span to take control of the game!  Deuces wild for Brian Reath and Nate McCoughtry.  Singles for Rob “Rickie” Middleton, Al Pyc and sub Paul Elsila.  Flyers – Rob Rowling(2), Danny Rea, Donnie Riviera and Mike Riddle.  A pivotal point in this game came when the Flyers pick up two separate cross checking penalties on the same play in the final period, that resulted on a 5 on 3 and a goal for the Hawks.

BRUINS    6    WINGS   2

Baker’s Bruins score all their goals in the initial stanza and blow out the Wings!  Mike “Padre” Nalepa with a two goal game.  Singles for Jack Prioux, Chuck Bowers, John McNeilly(Also 3 Helpers) and Captain Rex Baker.  Goaler Kris Arthur with very little work and a 12 save game.  Robbie Olmstead and Warren native Steve Bayagich score for the Wings.

SHARKS  3    HABS   0

A hearty “Welcome Back” to long time Sting goalie Kirk “Captain America” Larson who spins the whitewash subbing for the Sharks today!  Larson made like the Trump Wall and was impregnable in this game!  As in game one – Jimmy Galloway and “Angry” Joe with Sharks goals.  On a mad end to end rush – Lloyd Rogers with the Sharks first marker.



Who is the oldest player to win an MVP in the four major sports –
Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball?
Hint – the sport is hockey!
Scroll down for the answer.
Gordie Howe won the Gary L. Davidson award in 1974 at the age of 45.
This award is the MVP for the WHA.
A year later, this award was renamed the Gordie Howe Award.

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