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FLYERS   7     WINGS   7

Oh boy!  Last goal wins!  Fittingly – not the case, as the game ends in a wild and wholly tie!  Mr. Mike “King of the Road” Miller with his first career five goal game and a natural hat trick in period one!  Line-mate Brian Moore with two goals and five helpers as both players total 13 points in the game!  The Wings open up up a 2-0 lead with just under two minutes into the contest.  This was only a preview to come!  Big Rob Rowling and Steve “Mario” Lemieux both with two goal games for the Wings.  Singles for Mike Nalepa, Terry Boyette and sub Darrin “Mitch” Hotts.  The goalies will not be named!

HAWKS   3    BRUINS   2

Steve “With a Nod and A” Wink goes top shelf 33 ticks into the game to set the tone for the Hawks!  Second period goals for Ward Peterson and Rockford call up Dana Boyette.  “Smoking” Joe Polizzi had the glove hand working today!  Defense partners Brian Reath and Jeff Funk tally for the men in yellow, in this very entertaining and nip and tuck game.  Steve Wink(Roughing) and the Bruins John McNeilly(Slashing) agree to disagree and hit the box together.

HABS   4    SHARKS   1

Habs jump out to a 4-0 first period lead as they score three goals in a two minute span to defeat the Sharks once again.  Nate McCoughtry, Bryan Prentice, Larry “School Boy” Rowe and Curt Lesnau tally for the Frenchmen.  Goal-keep Dar with several outstanding highlight saves!  “Finding Ivory!”  Just like the epic “Finding Nemo” aquatic cartoon, where has Jeff Ivory of the Fish been?  He has uncharacteristically missed quite a few games this season.  Sharks sub Scott Bozyk with the lone goal.  The undisciplined Sharks take five trips to the box in this contest.  Following the game, Billy Mac Jr. was not a happy camper, lamenting about continually getting hooked and held and nothing being called!  “Welcome to my world” Bryan Prentice told him!

SHARKS   7    FLYERS   2

Hmm!  No Billy Mac Jr. listed on the roster this game.  Did he take a mental wellness game off?  Brown and Da Sharks score twice in the games first two minutes to pound the Flyers, who allowed 15 goals in today’s doubleheader!  “Downtown” Jimmy Brown with the hat trick!  Singles for Mike Ala and returning from a heart procedure just two weeks ago – Mike Riddle.  Subs – the Scott’s – Chodun and Boyzk also with Sharks markers.  Billy “The Dark” Knight with both Flyers goals.

HAWKS   8    WINGS   1

Johnny Shelton says “It’s playoff time” as the Hawks sweep for the day!  “Scowling” Scott Leslie scores his first of two goals just 18 seconds into the game!  Marty Papesh and sub Paul Erickson also with the deuce.  Donnie Riviera with a single.  Goaler Joe Polizzi with a light workload.  Just like your cousin Sylvia couldn’t keep her legs closed, the Wings get scored on at will once again!  15 goals allowed on the day!  Captain Ryan Boyette with a short handed goal for the Wings.

HABS   6    BRUINS   4

This game had the fervor of a Championship game!  Four lead changes in this up and down and tremendously entertaining game!  The Habs score their final three goals of the game in just over a two minute span!  The turning point of the game, was the blocked shot by Nate McCoughtry of Rex Baker’s slap shot, that lead to the game winning short handed breakaway goal.  Dr. Nate had the tour du chapeau in the game!  Bryan Prentice, Larry Rowe and sub Steve Bayagich(Empty Netter) round out the Habs scoring.  Deuces wild for John Cornish and playing like Brian Marchand of the Boston Bruins “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio!  “Angry” was all over the ice in a very spirited effort!  Surprisedly, this talented Bruins team drops a deuce today!   Things got a little interesting following the game as Captain Rex Baker and Habs defenseman Pierre Dugas partake in a very lively loud confrontational “discussion.”  This “discussion” continues outside the locker rooms as “Anytime Anyplace” was heard a few times by both participants!  The playoffs are here!



Which NHL team is credited with the tradition of the “Playoff Beard”?
Scroll down for the answer.
The New York Islanders in 1980 and went on to win the Cup from 1980 to 1984!

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