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HABS   4      BRUINS    3

Moncton call up Bob Rowling scores the Frenchmen’s last two goals for the victory.  Pierre Dugas and Al Pyc with singles.  Jimmy “Jets” Galloway, Chuck Bowers and Mike “King of the Road” Miller dent the twine for the Bruins.

SHARKS   3     FLYERS    3

Both teams play a very spirited and entertaining game.  Mike Riddle with the deuce for the Flyers.  Danny Rea with the Flyers initial tally.  Lou Suvak, Donnie Rivera and Nate McCoughty tally for the Fish.  Both goalies – the Bills – McCauley and Schaugg with outstanding games in nets!

HAWKS    7    WINGS    0

The Hawks deposit five final period goals as they rout the Wings.  Joey Reiss with the trick.  Timmy “Dutch” Schultz with the deuce.  Singles for Steve Lemieux and sub “Vin” Scully.  Fellow sub Robbie Olmstead with three helpers.  Kirk Larson with a five save shutout.  No Wings highlights.

WINGS   3     FLYERS    3

The Flyers relinquish a three zip lead and settle for their second tie of the night.  As in game one – Mike Riddle scores twice and Danny Rea once for the Flyers.  Mike Nalepa with the hat trick assist.  Brian Moore, Mike Wilson and sub Steve Bayagich tally for the Wings.  Both puck stoppers – Muddy and Billy Schaugg stood tall in the nets.  The Flyers Danny Rea picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.

HAWKS    3    HABS    0

The surging first place Hawks win their second consecutive doubleheader as they blank the Habs.  Hawks goalie Kirk “Captain America” Larson reverted back to the days of his youth, as he was gumby like in nets!  Joey Reiss and subs Hasting and Robbie Olmstead tally for the Hawks.  Habs net minder Dar with a very nice effort between the pipes in the losing effort.

SHARKS   3     BRUINS    0

Billy Mac Jr and the Sharks shutout Da Bruins.  A rare occurrence indeed – as Sharks stay at home defenseman Lou Suvak scores in both games today.  Nice job Lou!  Jeff Ivory and Scott Leslie also with singles for the Sharks.  Baker’s Bruins have hit a very rough patch, as they are now winless in their last nine contests.



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