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WINGS   7    BRUINS   5

Deuces wild for Craig Bastuba, Nick Piccolo and Mike Napela.  Paul “Stork” Erickson also with a Wings marker.  Center John McNeilly and sub Jeff “Marine” Steiber both score twice for the Bruins.  Mike Garlick with the Bruins final tally.

HABS   7    HAWKS   2

The Habs unceremoniously snap the Hawks eight game winning streak in grand style!  Zach Wagner and Robbie Oldmstead with two goals apiece.  Singles for Brian Moore, Jack Leavy and former Detroit Lion Scott Mitchell.  David Passwater and Greg Kalvin tally for the Hawks.  Goaler Kirk Larson picks up an assist.  Dave Passwater takes exception to a Brian Moore hold and picks up a roughing minor penalty.  Moore joins him in the box with a holding penalty.

SHARKS   3    HAWKS   2

A well played contest as both goalies – sub Alicandro for the Sharks and Kirk “Captain America” Larson for the Hawks put on a superlative goaltending show!  Sharks sub Scott “Smiling” Davenport breaks the 2-2 tie with just over four minutes left in the game.  Scott Chodun and Nate McNaughty also with Sharks goals.  Greg Kalvin and returning from the DL in grand fashion – Captain Brendan Brosnan with the Hawks markers.  Not to be outdone – Brosnan also picks up a four minute tripping penalty!  “Got to get on the scoresheet some way”,  Brendan says!

BRUINS  4     FLYERS   4

Baker’s Bruins play a very strong game, only to see Marty Papesh of the Flyers tie the game up with just over a minute left in the contest.  Mike Miller, Rob Rowling and Billy “The Dark” Knight also with Flyers goals.  Bruins – Greg Stacy(2), “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio and Chris Isola.

HABS   3    FLYERS   1

Another well played and goalie dominated game.  Winning goalie “Smoking” Joe Polizzi was outstanding between the pipes!  Likewise for Flyers puck stopper Billy Schaugg.  Feeling a little frisky today – Habs defenseman Jack Leavy with the deuce.  Craig Maisonneuve with a single.  Still wearing his fashionable Sharks socks – Flyers sub Jeff Ivory with their lone goal.

SHARKS   5    WINGS   4

This was a wild one!  Game tied at four with just over five minutes left in the game.  Then, Wings winger Jimmy “Jets’ Galloway makes like Captain Ahab in the book Moby Dick and blatantly spears a Sharks player for his second penalty of the game.  The Sharks score the game winning power play goal just eight seconds into the power play!  A huge thank you to the undisciplined Captain Ahab, who directly helped the Sharks to the W!  Deuces wild for Nate McNaughtry and sub Scott Davenport.  The other Scott – Chodun with a single.  Paul Violassi(2), Mike Nalepa and on a beautiful tape to tape pass from a Sharks defenseman – Nick Piccolo round out the Wings scoring.  Things got a little ugly at the final buzzer, as Scott Chodun(5 minute slew foot and a 10 minute intent to injure) penalties and Pierre Dugas(Roughing Minor) muck it up with Wings captain Ryan Boyette(Roughing Minor).  Nasty words were said by all!



Who did the Detroit Red Wings trade to the San Jose Sharks to acquire Igor Larionov?
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High scoring winger Ray Shepard.

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