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HABS   5    BRUINS   3

Center Brian Moore leads this very talented Habs team to the victory with the deuce.  Singles for young Zach Wagner and Rob Giroux.  Master facilitator, Captain Robbie Olmstead with the hat trick assist.  Center John McNeilly(2) and Captain Rex Baker tally for the men in yellow.

FLYERS   3     SHARKS   3

The Flyers score twice late in the final period for the tie!  Rob Rowling, Mike “King of the Road” Miller and sub Hirschfigzd score for the Flyers.  Nate McNaughtry(2) and Scott Chodun were the Sharks marksman.  Both goalies – Billy Schaugg and Sharks sub Alicandro with several outstanding saves.

HAWKS   4     WINGS   2

Coming off a seven game winless streak, the finally almost intact Hawks personnel wise, play a strong game and defeat the Wings.  David Passwater with the deuce.  Greg Kalvin and Joey Reiss with singles.  Wings defenseman Dana Boyette took extreme umbarge against Reiss, claiming he slew footed him while one-timing his goal into the net.  I don’t know about you – but it takes a pretty talented player to score a goal and slew foot a person at the same time!  Mike Nalepa and Craig Bastuba with the Wings markers in this penalty free game.

SHARKS   5    BRUINS   2

Down 2-1 entering the final period – the Sharks score four times and defeat Bakers Bruins.  Sharks sub Rob Aughe with the deuce.  Singles for Lloyd Rogers, Scott Chodun and sub Steve “With a Nod and a” Wink.  Brian Barker and Rex Baker tally for the Bruins.  Sub goaler Alicandro with another strong game in nets.  Chris Isola of the Bruins and Scott Chodun of the Sharks take turns chopping each other and hit the box tandem.

FLYERS   8    WINGS   2

The Flyers beat up on the Wings.  Speedster Steve “Mario” Lemieux with the hat trick.  Marty Papesh and sub Hirshchfigzd with the deuce. Rob Rowling also with a marker.  Mike Nalepa and Jeff Funk do the honors for the Wings.

HAWKS   4     HABS   3

Led by Super Hero goaltender Kirk Larson, who was wearing his Hulk t-shirt today, the Hawks sweep for the day!  Chad Wooten, Joey Reiss, Greg Kalvin and David Passwater tally for the suddenly resurgent Hawks.  Captain Brendan Brosnan did a masterful job of coaching his team today, while sidelined with a lower body injury.  Second line center Brian Moore once again scores twice for the Habs.  First line center Zach Wagner with their final goal.



Who has the longest tenure as captain of an NHL team?
Scroll down for the answer.
Steve Yzerman – 20 years.

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