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HAWKS   7    HABS    1

Dr. Nate who?  The line of Paul Violassi(5 & 1), John Shelton(5 Helpers) and Timmy “Dutch” Schultz(1 & 1) rack up all of their teams points for a grand total of 13!  Schultz’s “Datsyukian” goal was a thing of beauty.  Goaltender Scott French with a 7 save game.  Robbie Olmstead with the lone French highlight.

SHARKS    4    BRUINS   1

The Fish spread out the scoring – as The Browns, Jeff Ivory and Chad Wooten dent the twine.  Goalie “Smoking” Joe Polizzi with a relatively light workload.  Mike Miller with the Bruins marker.

FLYERS   7    WINGS   4

The battle of the Super Heroes!  Flyers sub goalie Superman bests Wings puck stopper Kirk “Captain America” Larson!  Two goals a piece for Mike Nalepa, sub John Cornish and in advance celebration of Cinco De Mayo – Donnie Rivera.  “Party” Pete Kaczmarek who played a very strong game with a single.  Sniper Steve Bayagich with the trick for the Wings.  Big Rob Rowling with a 65 foot slap shot goal.  Wings defenseman Dana Boyette picks up a two minute unsportsmanlike infraction.

HAWKS   2    SHARKS   2

Very appropriate the two top teams battle it out to a stalemate.  Billy Mac Jr. puts on a show with both Sharks markers.  Scott Chodun and “The Baron” Kurt Von Mach score for the Hawks in this very entertaining contest.  Both goalies – Scott “The Wall” French and Joe Polizzi with stellar games in nets.  The Sharks remain undefeated in their past seven games.   The Hawks are undefeated in their last five matches.


The Flyers sweep for the day as the beleaguered Bruins drop their seventh straight game!  The Bruins beat the Flyers in the first game of the season and so far – that has been it!  Mike Nalepa(Also 3 Helpers) and Pierre Dugas both with two goals apiece.  Singles for Danny Rea and Curt Lesnau(Backhand of Course).  The Flyers had no less than four breakaways in the game – converting on three of them.  Big Rex Baker with two goals for the Bruins.  Rex’s first goal was a beautiful top shelf back hand no doubter.  Center John McNeilly with a nice top shelf goal.  Where is Dar?  He has yet to appear for the Flyers in this young season!  There has been a Silver Alert issued for Dar – driving a vehicle with the license plate “Goalie”!

WINGS  4     HABS    3

The Wings right the ship as they send the Habs to a double dip defeat.  The red hot Steve Bayagich with the deuce – for a total of five goals on the night!  Singles for Joey Reiss and Ryan Boyette.  Chris Isola, Larry Rowe and Mike T. Brown tally for the Frenchmen.


How many Stanley Cups did long time Montreal Canadians defenseman Ted Harris win?
Ted also played for the Minnesota North Stars, Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Blues and the
Philadelphia Flyers?
4, 5 or 6 Cups?
Scroll down for the answer.
Ted won five Cups – four with the Habs and his final NHL season with the Flyers.

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