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Letter From Frank Casali

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I hope everybody is doing well!

Well, since October 8th I’ve been battling leukemia and just want to give you guys an update.

After 4-rounds of chemotherapy, I went in to Henry Ford Hospital downtown on January 20th for a bone marrow transplant. My bone marrow donor is a gentleman in Poland. I am fortunate that he is a good match for me and was willing to donate. After 20 days in the hospital, I finally came home last Thursday February 9th. During that time I received final chemotherapy and radiation treatments in preparation for my bone marrow transplant which occurred January 26th (1-day earlier than scheduled). The bone marrow stem cells I received from my Polish donor appear to be working well as evidenced by my steadily rising blood counts! Doctors are satisfied that, thus far, everything is going well and there have not been any complications other than the expected side effects from chemo, radiation and the transplant itself of extreme weakness, fatigue, and tiredness. Needless to say I find myself napping about every 2-hours. Every Monday and Thursday I go to Henry Ford Hospital downtown for outpatient testing and evaluation to insure any complications are managed and my progress toward recovery continues.

I really miss all you guys and it’s going to be a long, slow grind until I am fully recovered but doctors tell me I’m on the right path now. I hope you have an injury-free and fun remainder of the season and please give the entire Michigan Sting family my best wishes.

Go Habs!


Frank Casali

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