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A very nice squad.  The offense will put points on the board.  Goaltending very solid.  The defense could very well be the achilles heel for this team.


This team will score.  Defense is very solid, of course there is the mystery sub defenseman factor each week.


Another good offensive team.  Defense will definitely hold there own.  This team should play very entertaing and competitive games.


A very dangerous looking squad.  Love the D and the offense will produce.  Very underrated goalie in my humble opinion.  Where is Paul Giles?  Listed as captain, but not on the roster.


Top rated goalie in the league.  Enough said there.  Solid D, with again a sub mystery defenseman.  But having said that, they do have the option of moving Timmy Schultz back.  Goals will be at a premium for this team.


Look out for the Sharks!  It’s going to be dangerous waters this season!  The team to beat in my estimation!  Excellent forwards and with the top defensive tandem in the league of Barry Piornack and Glenn Paraskevin – very formidable.  The goalie will more than hold his own.


R Hawks R Bruins R Canadians R Red Wings R Flyers R Sharks
Hagen , Bill 20 Watson, Bob 18 George, Jim 19 Tracy, Jeff 18 Ala, Mike 18 Haynes, Ben 17
Belloli, Brian 15 Lemieux, Steve 20 Herkowitz, Dave 19 Mouranie, Chuck 20 Buntin, Bruce 19 Lawson, Mike 17
Higgins, Ed 18 Bailey, Curt 17 Pyc, Al 18 Porteer, Rob 18 O’Rourke, Ryan 18 Gooel, Bruce 17
Priauix, Jack 16 Halbhuber, Bob 16 Lambert, Steve 16 Meltsner, Ron 16 Courtley, Don 14 Szalanski, Gary 18
Orr, Steve 18 Foucher, Keith 16 Perini, John 14 Chapie, Jim 11 Schultz, Tim 16 Dietrich, Steve 16
Perko, Ken 11 Lesnau, Curt 15 Topouzian, Keri 13 Altherr, Bo 13 Plati, Joe 15 Sparks, Alan 11
98 102 99 96 100 96
Smyth, Mark 20 Batchelder, Rick 18 Wilkins, Ken 20 Lee, Robert 20 Bonanno, Sal 19 Piornack, Barry 19
McHugh, Tom 14 Smith, Howard 16 DeBrincat, Dave 17 Schaeffler, Ken 17 Maguire, Kevin 18 Paraskevin, Glenn 17
Munsterman, Mark 14 Zanke, Chris 15 Powell, Jim 16 Lutz, Keith 15 Krause, Gerald 14 Masserant, Terry 15
DeBeuel, Randy 13 Wargo, Doug 14 Evans, Ted 15
61 49 53 66 51 66
Miller, Brian 16 Allemon, Mike 13 Bebbe, Kevin 12 Marchin, John 13 Rutkoske, Bob 18 Scjlimgen, Mike 15

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Michigan Sting is a premier men’s ice hockey club located in Troy, Michigan. Since our establishment in 2004, we have grown into one of the largest and most successful senior hockey clubs in the Midwest. With two competitive leagues, we offer opportunities for players (35+) to compete and enjoy the game we love.

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