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WINGS   3     HAWKS   1

After fielding a transient team last week with six subs, the Wings only have two today, as they abruptly snap their six game winless streak!  Goaler Mike Schlimgen was outstanding between the pipes!  Brian Belloli and Todd Schurman score in a 14 second first period span!  Keri Topouzian with the insurance goal.  Bruce Gooel with the lone Hawks goal.

HABS   5    BRUINS   3

The Habs dip into their Moncton farm club and secure the rights to this kid named Mike Ala, who records the deuce!  Singles for Don Courtley, Al Pyc and Robbie Porter.  Sub Paul Violassi with the hat trick assist.  Jimmy “Boog” Powell, Steve Lemieux and sub Herkowitz tally for the men in yellow.

FLYERS   3     SHARKS   1

Adam Godard leads the Flyers with a two goal game!  Sub Andjewjeski with their initial goal.  Goalie Mike Haines was almost perfect in nets – swatting away shot after shot!  Smooth skating John Zucchini with the lone Shark goal.  This was a penalty free game.

HABS   6    HAWKS   3

Rejuvenated by their Moncton call ups – the Habs sweep, as they pour in 11 goals today!  Sub Paul Violassi with the natural tour du chapeau in the first period!  Fellow sub Mike Ala, Al Pyc and Mike Harke also score.  Pat Berry, Keith Foucher and Billy Hagen score for the Hawks who drop a deuce today.  Another penalty free game.

SHARKS   4     BRUINS   0

It was inevitable!  Superman with career shutout number 300 as confetti littered the ice at games end!  No shrimp next week.  We are talking lobster now! See picture below.  Mike Fox, Doug Beck, Ben Haynes and Jerry Krause with the Sharks goals.  No Bruins highlights as they lose both games today.

FLYERS   3     WINGS   1

The Flyers vault into first place as they are now undefeated in their past ten games!  “Who’s better than us?” Captain Ryan O’Rourke roars in the locker room postgame!  John Dooley, Kevin Maguire and sub Andjewjeski tally for the Flyers.  Once again goalie Mike Haines only lets one puck past him.  Dave Speiss scores for the Wings, whose one game winning streak was unceremoniously snapped!


What city and state did Toronto Maple star Auston Matthews grow up in?
Scottsdale Arizona. 
A little side note to this answer.
I was at a BBQ in Scottsdale and Austin’s youth coach was there.
I asked him did he know Austin was special?
Oh yeah he said – Lol!

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