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WINGS   1    FLYERS   0

Winning goalie Bobby Rutkoske and Flyers sub Rick “Ticker” Chauvin were in an epic playoff goaltender battle, until Wings scoring machine Jimmy George goes five hole with just over three minutes left in the game – for the games only goal!   Kudos to both puck stoppers!

SHARKS   7    HABS   1

Just like the sound track in the movie Jaws – you can just hear it on the ice with these Sharks clinking on all cylinders, as they continue their playoff feeding frenzy!  Deuces wild for Barry Piornack, Ben Haynes and Al “Mike” Phipps.  Gary Syzlanski with a goal and three helpers.  Goaler Mike Schlimgne with a very light workload.  “Gentleman” Don Courtley with the Habs marker.

HAWKS   7    BRUINS   3

Pat Collins, Mark Smyth and sub “Mitch” Miller all score twice for the Hawks.  Steve Orr also with a goal.  Eddie ‘The Eagle” Higgins played playmaker with three assists.  Al Pyc, Bobby Watson and Mike Harke with the Bruins goals.

WINGS   5    HABS   1

Bobby Rutkoske and the Wings only allow one goal against in today’s games!  These playoff ready Wings are now two points behind the top spot Sharks and two points ahead of the third place Hawks, with only one week(2 Games) remaining in the Sam Cupp playoffs.  Brian Belloli with a two goal game for the Wings.  Singles for Gary Enmark, Paulie “Jay” Giles and Jimmy George.  Standing in the middle of the locker room following the game, Gary Enmark of the Wings passionately bellowed to this teammates: “This is playoff hockey – I love you guys!”  As in game one – “Gentleman” Don Courtley with the Habs only goal!

HAWKS   6   FLYERS   3

The Hawks keep their Championship game aspirations alive as they sweep for the day!  Steve Orr with the deuce.  Singles for Eddie Higgins, Pat Collins and Jeff “Dick” Tracy.  Flyers – Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel(2) and Dave “Buckeye” Wahl.  Apparently showing playoff frustration, Billy Hagen of the Flyers with three quick penalties(Cross Checking, Abuse of Officials and Unsportsmanlike Conduct)  on the games first shift and a very early game exit.  Hopefully he left some beverages in the cooler?  Eddie Higgins with a solo roughing minor penalty for the Hawks.

SHARKS   9    BRUINS   3

You could hear that Jaws soundtrack again, as the Sharks remain undefeated in the playoffs and again enjoy a feeding frenzy!  This team does look unstoppable!  Playoffs leading scorer Gary Syzlanski with the trick!  Big Ben Haynes with the deuce.  Singles for Barry Piornack, David Walters, Steve Dietrich and Al Phipps.  The playoff winless Bruins receive goals from Adan Godard, Al Pyc and Mike Harke.


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