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SHARKS    8    HAWKS   4

The predatory Sharks devour the Hawks!  Sharks sub Mr. Robert Stempian with a four goal game!  Big Ben Haynes with the deuce.  Singles for Jim Chapie, Pat Berry and sub Matt Lawson.  The Sharks played the game with three D, as defenseman Dave Debrincat showed up to obtain the locker room key late in the game. Billy Hagen scores twice for the Hawks.  Curt Lesnau and sub Scott Leslie also with goals.     

BRUINS   4    WINGS   3

A game of high magnitude, as the Wings only needed a point to play next week!  The Wings claw back from a 3-0 deficit to tie the game up 3-3 with just over a minute left in the game!  Then somehow, Bruins right winger Jeff “Dick” Tracy finds a tiny short-side opening for the game winning goal with six seconds remaining in the game!  A back breaker for the Wings, as the Habs won their game one!  Steve “Mario” Lemieux goes twine twice for the Bruins.  Jimmy “Boog” Powell with a single.  Left winger Joe Plati with the hat trick assist.  The speedy Jimmy George scores twice for the Wings.  Sub, counselor Tom McHugh with a Wings marker in this penalty free game.            

HABS   2    FLYERS   0

Bottom line today – Habs needed to win both of their games and the Wings needed to lose both of theirs to play next week.  So far – so good for the Habs!  In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Northeast Blackout, Habs net-minder “Sugar” John Marchin blanks the Flyers!  Chuck Mouraine and “Gentleman” Don Courtly(EN) do the honors for the Frenchmen.  Flyers goalie Superman with a very strong game in nets!      

HAWKS   4    HABS   1

SPOILERS!  The Hawks defeat the Habs for the first time in the regular season and the playoffs, to dash their Sam Cupp Championship aspirations!  Sniper Ronnie Meltsner with the deuce.  Doug “Jeff” Beck and Billy Hagen also with Hawks goals.  Sub goalie Billy Papciak was simply outstanding in nets!  Mike Harke with a very nice goal for the Habs.   

FLYERS   4    BRUINS   1

In a game of zero magnitude, the Flyers play a great game with three D, as Sammy Bonanno went down with an injury in game one.  Keith Foucher, Todd Schurman, Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi and an absolute weapon on the back end – Keri Topouzian tally for the Flyers.  Steve Lemieux scores on the power play for his Bruins.   

WINGS   8     SHARKS   5

Knowing full well the Wings needed to win this game, they did not fail!  In a preview of next week’s Championship game matchup, goals were in abundance!  Wings sub Mike Lawson with the hat trick!  Fellow sub Mike Garlick with the deuce.  Singles for yet another sub Ken Debus, Jimmy George and former WDIV reporter Grant Hermes lookalike(See Picture Below) Brian Belloli(Also Three Helpers).  The playoffs leading scorer, Doug Wargo with the hat trick for the Fish!  Ben Haynes and Jim Chapie also score.  Sub Matt Dawson with three assists.  




Which two players did the Detroit Red Wings trade to acquire Brendan Shanahan in 1996?

Paul Coffey and Keith Primeau. 


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