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HAWKS    3    BRUINS   1

BRIAN MILLER!  BRIAN MILLER!  The story of this game!  Hawks puck stopper Brian Miller was simply outstanding as he stole the game for the Hawks!  I don’t think the puck entered the Bruins zone in the first period!  The Hawks capitalized on their rare chances as Brian Belloli scores the first two Hawks goals on breakaways.  Brian was the benefactor of a tremendous 90 foot stretch pass from right defenseman Mark Munsterman!  Mark Smyth with an empty netter.  Rick Batchelder scores shorthanded for the Bruins.

HABS   2    SHARKS   1

Jimmy George snaps the 1-1 tie with just over four minutes remaining in the game!  David Herkowitz with the Habs initial goal.  Big Ben Haynes with the Sharks first period marker in this penalty free game.

FLYERS   7    WINGS   3

These Flyers continue to roll as they hammer the Wings.  Mike Ala with the trick!  Singles for Bruce Buntin, Ryan O’Rourke, Joe Plati and Donald Courtley.  Stalwart defenseman Timmy “Dutch” Schultz with the hat trick assist.  Doug Wargo(SH), Chuck Mouraine and continuing to have a fine playoffs – Ronnie Meltsner score for the Wings.

SHARKS    5    BRUINS   3

If only the Sharks could have played the Bruins every game in the playoffs, they would be in first place as they defeat the Bruins for the third consecutive time!  Big Ben Haynes score twice for the Fish.  Singles for Gary Szalanski, Steve Dietrich and a stunning buzzer beater empty netter from Glenn Paraskevin.  The underwhelming Bruins receive goals from Curt Lesnau, Rob “Hurricane” Halbhuber and sub Matt Lawson.  After completely dominating the regular season, the Bruins have yet to win a game in the playoffs!  This was a penalty free game.

HABS   4    WINGS   3

The Habs sweep on the day and basically wrap up a Sam Cupp Championship appointment with the Flyers in two weeks!  Habs sub Ken Debus with the deuce.  Singles for Jimmy George and David Herkowitz.  Wings – Jeff “Dick” Tracy, Doug Wargo and Robbie Porter.  Habs defenseman sub Ken Dubus picks up a body checking minor penalty and Chuck Mouraine takes exception and trips him as they both hit the box in tandem.

FLYERS   4    HAWKS   2

A must win game for the Hawks!  Didn’t happen!  The Flyers cement their invitation into the Championship game in two weeks!  Sting rookie Sammy Bonanno scores twice for the Flyers.  Gerry Krause and Captain Ryan O’Rourke with the Flyers final two goals.  Goal-keep Bobby Rutkoske once again put in a stellar performance!  The Hawks receive goals from defenseman Mark Munsterman and “Black” Jack Priauix.



Who was the first woman to get her name on the Stanley Cup?

Marguerite Norris in 1952 became president of the Detroit Red Wings after her father James Norris died.

Her name is on the Stanley Cup in 1954 and 1955.

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