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FLYERS   6     HAWKS   2

The Flyers score two shorthanded goals on the same shift and Hawks combustable goalie Mike Mostyn loses it and picks up his first of two unsportsmanlike minor penalties, as the undisciplined Hawks rack up seven penalties in this contest.  Deuces wild for Ben Haynes and Keith Foucher.  Singles for Billy Hagen and Bob Halbhuer.  Teddy Evans and sub Barry Piornack tally for the Hawks.  Pete Gibb of the Hawks incurs an unsportsmanlike minor penalty.

BRUINS   6    HABS   3

2-2 at the end of one.  Then Rick Batchelder scores his first of two goals and Adam Godard follows suite just over a minute later, to send the Bruins to the W.  Al Sparks, Bo Altherr and the venerable JP, round out the Bruins scoring.  Carrying the Habs on his back this playoffs – Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel with a two goal game.  David Walters with the Habs initial marker.

WINGS   3     HABS   3

The end of the first period was a wild one!  Wings sub “Mark” Maguire scores his second goal of the game shorthanded,  just under the two minute mark to put the Wings up 2-1.  Just six seconds later, Steve “Mario” Lemieux scores a power play goal to tie it up 2-2.  A minute after that, Lemieux scores again to put the Habs up 3-2.  Robert E. Lee scores the game tying goal for the Wings with five minutes left in the game.  John Perini with the Habs first tally.

SHARKS   0     FLYERS   0

You gotta love this!  It just doesn’t happen very often in any league!  “Sugar” John Marchin of the Fish and Mike Schlimgen of the Flyers produce the double shutout!  It was a nice sight to see both goalies embracing each other in the post game shake hands line.  James George of the Sharks and Billy Hagen of the Flyers produce simultaneous unsportsmanlike minor penalties.

HAWKS    3     WINGS   2

The wily Pat Collins breaks the tie with just 38 seconds left on the arena clock to salvage a split today for the Hawks!  Gary Enmark and sub Barry Piornack with the Hawks first two markers.  Goaler Mike Mostyn with a very good game in nets and yes, he behaved himself!  Mark Smyth and sub “Mark” Maguire tally for the Wings.

SHARKS   3    BRUINS   2

Ronnie Meltsner scores his second goal of the game with just over three minutes left to snap the 2-2 tie!  James George also scores for the Sharks.  Adam Godard and JP tally for the Bruins who split on the day.



Who was Chicago Black Hawks HOF goalie Eddie Belfour’s backup in 1990-1992?
Hint – he also is a HOF goalie.
Scroll down for the answer.
Dominik Hasek 

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