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FLYERS   6     HABS   3

Deuces wild for Ryan O’Rourke, Robert Stempian and Keith Foucher, propels the Flyers to the W!  Ken Debus, Jeff Tracy and Mike Ala tally for the Frenchmen.  Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi of the Flyers incurs a solo roughing minor penalty.

HAWKS   3    SHARKS   1

All the games scoring accomplished in the final period, as both goalies – Tommy Gazley of the Hawks and Brian Miller of the Sharks shine in nets!  Brian Belloli and subs Mike Garlick and Mike Harke score for the Hawks.  Ben Haynes with the lone Shark goal.

WINGS   6    BRUINS   3

The Wings pick up right where they left off with their nine goal output in game two last week, as they pop in six goals this game!  Paul Violassi, Sammy Bonanno, Curt Lesnau, Bruce Buntin, Jimmy George(EN) and sub Bob Watson all dent the twine.  Chuck Mouraine, Keri Topouzian and on a beautiful rising top shelf shot – Steve Lemieux tally for the Bruins.

SHARKS   5     FLYERS   1

The battle for second place in the playoff standings go decisively to the Sharks in this game.  Big Ben Haynes scores twice for the Fish.  Singles for Rob Lee, Bruce Gooel and Doug “Jeff” Beck.  Goalie Brian Miller was at his playoff best!  Keith Foucher with the Flyers marker.  Flyers Captain Ryan O’Rourke picks up an interference penalty and then an unsportsmanlike minor penalty when he exits the box.  Following the game, as Captain of the Flyers, O’Rourke attempts to receive an explanation from the referee regarding his penalties.  O’Rourke immediately gets slapped with an abuse of officials, as the quick tempered referee claims he was threatened.  Oh boy!

BRUINS  6     HABS    1

Robbie Porter and Steve “Mario” Lemieux score twice for the Bruins.  Singles for Joe Plati and Chuck Mouraine.  Goaler Mike Schlimgen with a very light workload.  Mike Ala with the lone Habs marker, as they are now 0-6 in the playoffs.

HAWKS   6    WINGS   2

This was a much closer game than the score indicates, as all-world goalie Tommy Gazley stands on his head for the Hawks!  Once again, Wings Captain Howard Smith gives his pregame locker room Mark Smyth watch warning talk.  And once again, Mark Smyth proceeds to score the hat trick!  The newly formed GAS line totals 11 points in the game.  Mike Garlick(4 Assists), Bo Altherr(1 & 2) and Mark Smyth(3 & 1) wreck carnage on the Wings.  Doug Wargo and sub Todd Schurman with singles.  Paul Violassi and the pride of Pershing High School – Doughboy, sub Glenn Paraskevin scores for the Wings.



Just recently, for only the 2nd time in NHL history, 100-point players have been involved in the same trade.

Tkachuk for Huberdeau.

Name the first 100 point players who were traded for each other.

Hint – 1988.

Jimmy Carson for Wayne Gretzky.




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