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The Michigan Sting Family would like to send our deepest condolences to the family of John DeBrincat (Mr. D) who passed away on Saturday.  John was one of the original founding members of the Michigan Sting Hockey Club.  His dedication and efforts allow all of us to enjoy being part of the Sting hockey community.  God Bless.


FLYERS   3     HABS    3

A preview of next week’s Championship game!  It should be a dandy!  Jimmy George scores twice for the Habs.  John “The Little Ball of Hate” with their middle goal.  Bruce Buntin, Mike Ala and “Gentleman” Don Courtley do the honor for the Flyers.  Now the situation going into this game were both teams were tied for first place and the Hawks were in third place trailing by 4 points.  The Hawks needed to sweep and the Flyers and Habs both only needed a point to clinch and that’s exactly what happened!  But the Hawks were not too happy about the tie.  I received the below text from a not to be named Hawk.

“Better say something about the tie game. Wink wink. Rumor it was on purpose.”

HAWKS   2     SHARKS   0

The Hawks take care of business on their end.  Billy Hagen and Brian Belloli with an empty netter score for the Hawks.  Brian Miller with the well deserved whitewash!  No Shark sightings this game.

BRUINS    7    WINGS   4

It finally happened!  The Bruins win their first game of the playoffs!  The Bruins score early and often.  Scoring his first goals of the playoffs – Bob “Bugsy” Watson with the deuce for the Bruins.  Steve “Mario” Lemieux also with the deuce.  Singles for Curt Lesnau, Tom Oswald and sub Matt Lawson.  Chuck Mouraine scores the hat trick against his cousin Bruins goalie “Ticker” Chauvin!  Robbie Porter also scores in this penalty free game.

HAWKS   5     HABS   1

The Hawks take out their frustration against the Habs in this game of no consequence for the Frenchmen.  Billy Hagen scores twice for the Hawks.  Singles for “Black” Jack Priauix, Mark Smyth and Brian Belloli.  Dave Debrincat with the Habs goal.

SHARKS    5    WINGS   2

Captain Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich leads his Sharks with a two goal game.  Singles for Barry Piornack, Al Sparks and Teddy Evans.  Jeff “Dick” Tracy and Chuck Mouraine were the marksman for the Wings in this penalty free game.

BRUINS   4    FLYERS   0

The Bruins sweep on the day as they defeat the Flyers in this nothing game for the Flyers, who get ready for next week.  Shutout goalie Rick “Ticker” Chauvin was spectacular in nets for the Bruins!   Once again Steve Lemieux scores twice for the Bruins.  Singles for Rick Batchelder and Rob “Hurricane” Halbhuber




How many rounds was the longest shootout in NHL history?

20 rounds – 2014 Florida defeated Washington 2-1.

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