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HAWKS   5    WINGS   2

Al Pyc scores the natural hat trick in the first period as the high powered Hawks steamroll the Wings!  The line of Pyc(3 Goals), Mike Ala(3 Helpers) and Gary Enmark(3 helpers) total nine points in the game!  Steve Orr and Mark Smyth with singles.  Billy Hagen and Ronnie Meltsner with the Wings markers.

BRUINS   4     HABS   2

The Habs tie the game up 2-2 in the final period.  The Bruins swiftly answer back, scoring 20 seconds later as sub Steve Lemieux scores his second of two goals in the game.   Adam Godard and James George also with Bruins goals. Jeff “Dick” Tracy and Ukrainian sub Niecalek score for the Frenchmen.

SHARKS   2    FLYERS   1

Big Ben Haynes beaks a 1-1 final period tie for the Sharks.  Chris Zanke with the Sharks initial tally.  Jimmy Powell with the Flyers goal.  Winning goalie Mike Allemon and Flyers sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek both with excellent games in nets.

BRUINS   3    SHARKS   3

Down 3-1 in the final period – the Bruins roar back for the tie!  As in game one – Bruins sub Steve “Mario” Lemieux with the deuce.  James George with the game tying goal.  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins, Al “Mike” Phipps and Marty Sell with the Sharks tallies.

HAWKS    3    HABS   2

The top spot Hawks remain undefeated in this young season.  Al Pyc, Mike Ala and sub Teddy Evans do the honors for the Hawks.  Jeff Tracy and Joe Plati score for the Habs, who drop a deuce today.

FLYERS   3    WINGS   3

A very entertaining game for the two people in attendance.  Back and forth hockey at its best!  Jimmy “Boog” Powell scores twice for the Flyers.  Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel with a single.  Al Platt with the deuce for the Wings as they procure their first point of the season!  Sniper Ronnie Meltsner with the Wings first goal.


Off the top of my head – there have been only four NHL goalies
who have become NHL head coaches.
There must be a reason for that eh?
Who are the they?
Scroll down for the answer.
Emile Francis
Eddie Johnston
Gerry Cheevers
Patrick Roy

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