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WINGS   8     HABS   5

The Wings might have found something here!  Moving aging defenseman Barry Piornack to right wing with Cam Lawrence on left wing and General Robert E. Lee at center, the line totals nine points, with each line-mate recording a couple of goals and an assist.  They dominated!  Terry Masserant and sub Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi also tally for the Wings.  Habs – Mike Ala(2), Jim Chapie, Donald Courtley and Jeff “Dick” Tracy. No penalties in the game.

BRUINS    2    FLYERS   1

The star of this show was Bruins sub puck stopper Paul Kaczmarek, who was simply outstanding in nets!  Foiling the Flyers time after time!  Right winger Ronnie Meltsner with a beautiful Brett Hull type top shelf laser for the game winner against his buddy, goalie Bobby Rutkoske!   Bob “Bugsy” Watson with the Bruins initial goal.  Flyers sub Jeff Funk scores right off the face-off to wreck the Bruins shutout.

SHARKS   8     HAWKS   6

The scorekeeper got writers cramp in this contest!  Mr. Al Pyc with a huge four goal game!  Sub Dougie Roehl with a 2 & 3 game.  Singles for Ben Haynes and long time character actor look alike David Canary(See Picture Below) – Rick Batchelor.  Bespectacled sub John Higgins with the hat trick assist.  Deuces wild for Hawks forwards Brian Belloli and sub Larry “School Boy” Rowe.  Singles for Jack Priaux and Rob “Hurricane” Halbulber.

WINGS   3     BRUINS   1

The first place Wings sweep on the day, as they control this game and defeat the Bruins.  General Lee with a goal and a great pass to Cam Lawrence for his goal.  Let us not forget the three goalposts the General hit – two forehand, one backhand!  Sub Scott Leslie with a nifty little drag move for the Wings initial goal.  15 year old Bruins sub Jack Spiess wrecks Wings sub goalie ‘Ticker” Chauvin shutout with a late backhand goal.

FLYERS   5    HAWKS   3

The Flyers regroup after game one and send the Hawks to a double dip defeat after the Hawks swept last week.  Flyers sub Paul “Brett Michaels” Violassi with the trick.  Fellow sub Jeff Funk and Captain Ryan O’Rourke also score for the Flyers.  Another two goal game for the Hawks Brian Belloli and sub Larry Rowe slams in a rebound.

HABS   6    SHARKS   2

Following a passoinate in between game talk from Captain Kenny Wilkins about tightening  up defensively, the Habs do just that and harpoon the Fish.  Deuces wild for Curt “Ace” Bailey and Jeff Tracy.  The Mikes – Lawson and Ala with singles.  Jimmy “Boog” Powell with three helpers.  Subs Stevie Lambert and Dougie Roehl tally for the Sharks, who allowed 12 goals in today’s DH.


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Kim St. Pierre
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