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A goaltenders battle between the Bruins Bobby Rutkoske and Flyers sub Rick ‘Ticker” Chauvin!  The Bruins score on a blast from the point from left defenseman Randy Debuel and on a end to end rush from Steve “Mario” Lemieux.  General Robert E. Lee scores a shorthanded goal with just a minute left in the game for the Flyers.  Reminiscent of the battle of Gettysburg , the General and the Flyers come up a little short!

HABS   3    WINGS   2

All the scoring was accomplished in the first period in this game!   John Perini, Jimmy “Boog” Powell and “Gentleman” Don Courtley do the honors for the Frenchmen.  The venerable Al Pyc tallies both goals for the Wings.

SHARKS   5     HAWKS   5

This was a wild one!  Hawks go up 3-0.  The never say die Sharks score five consecutive goals and go up 5-3!  The Hawks talons come out and they dive bomb the Sharks for a 5-5 tie!  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins with a two goal game for the Sharks.  Singles for Ronnie Meltsner, Steve Dietrich and sub Debus.  Deuces wild for Billy Hagen and Curt Bailey for the Hawks.  Rob Halbhuber also with a Hawks goal.  Curt Lesnau with the hat trick assist.

FLYERS    5    HAWKS   3

The Flyers score on the games first two shifts and dominate the Hawks.  Ryan O’Rourke gets the party started for the Flyers from a great behind the net pass from Steve Orr.  The swift Robbie Porter, Bruce “The Enabler” Gooel, Steve Orr and the league’s leading scorer Robert E. Lee round out the Flyers scoring.  Having a great two games today – Curt Bailey with another two goal game for the Hawks.  Sub Justin “Mickey” Brantley with the Hawks initial goal.

WINGS   1   BRUINS   0

The Bruins only give up two goals in both games today and split!  Wings sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek out duels Bruins goalie Bobby Rutkoske in this nail biter!  Anchor Bay resident Bo Altheer with the games only goal.

SHARKS   3     HABS   3

Scoreless entering the final stanza.  Then Donald Courtley scores for the Habs.  A minute late Steve Dietrich scores for the Sharks.  Four minutes later Mike Ala scores for the Habs.  A minute later Glenn Pareskevin ties it up for the Sharks.  Sniper Ronnie Meltsner put the Sharks up 3-2 with five minutes left in the game.  21 seconds later – Mile Ala scores his second goal of the game as the contest ends in a tie.


Who was the only American on the 1965-66 Detroit Red Wings roster?
Hint – He is a Detroit native.
Scroll down for the answer.
Doug Roberts


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