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BRUINS   5    HAWKS   2

All season long the top spot Hawks have narrowly defeated the Bruins each game.  Not this game!  The Bruins jump out to a five zip lead and completely dominate the Hawks!  Sub goaler Rick “Ticker” Chauvin stood tall in nets!  Left winger Bob “Bugsy” Watson was the story of this game, as the Hawks D could not keep up with him, as he patiently buries the Bruins first three goals for the trick!  Ronnie Meltsner and Bo Altherr also score for the Bruins.  Mark Smyth and Rob “Hurricane” Halbulber score late in the game for the Hawks.  A scary event happened in the first period, as Bruins left winger Bo Altherr had to be assisted off the ice due to light headiness.  Bo came back and was fine after that!

HABS   3    SHARKS   1

The Frenchmen play a very strong game and defeat the Sharks behind the goals of subs Robert “CPA” Stempian and “Jeff” Beck.  Curtis James Bailey with an empty netter.  Al Pyc with the lone Shark goal in this penalty free game.

WINGS   2     FLYERS   1

1-1 tie with the clock winding down.  Wings sub Matt Lawson goes end to end and slips in the game winning goal with 30 seconds left in the game!  Bob Lee with the Wings initial marker.  Wings sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek was outstanding in nets, despite his paczki indulgence today!  Kevin Maguire tallies for the Flyers and double dips with a solo roughing minor penalty.

BRUINS   6     HABS   2

Another dominating performance for these playoff ready Bruins!  Steve “Mario” Lemieux with the deuce.  Singles for Bo Altherr, Bob Watson, Keith Lutz and American sniper Ronnie Meltsner.  Playing an extremely strong game – right winger Curt “George” Bailey with both Habs goals!  Bruins defenseman Ken Debus with a solo roughing minor penalty.

WINGS    2     HAWKS   2

Hawks go up two zip entering the final stanza.  The Wings roar back for the tie!  This was a very entertaining game, as goalies Brian Miller and Wings sub Paul Kaczmarek shine in nets!  Billy Hagen and sub Dave Rupprecht score for the Hawks.  Barry Piornack and playoff ready Captain Paulie “Jay” Giles score for the Wings.  Giles was once again the recipient of a great feed from line-mate General Lee.  Hawks sub Dave Rupprecht with a solo roughing minor penalty.  Dave was a little frustrated today, as he had several chances in game one and kept pitching strikes directly into the goalies bread basket.

FLYERS    7    SHARKS   2

The line of Flyers sub Boice(3 & 1), Ryan O’Rourke(1 & 2) and Chuck Mouraine(3 Helpers) total ten points in the game and harpoon the Sharks!  John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini, Keith Foucher and Jimmy George also dent the twine for the Flyers who split on the day.  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins and Al Pyc were the Sharks marksman as they drop a deuce to start the playoffs.


Which goalie has the most career playoff wins in the NHL?

Scroll down for the answer.

Patrick Roy – 151


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