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WINGS    5     FLYERS   2

Duces wild for General Robert E. Lee and sub Matt Lawson.  Paulie “Jay” Giles got the house party started with their initial goal.  Sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek was stellar between the pipes.  Chuck Mouraine and John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini tally for the Flyers.

HABS    5     SHARKS   3

Mike Ala scores his first of two goals a buck into the game, as the visiting Habs defeat the Sharks.  Kenny Wilkins, Jeff “Dick” Tracy and sub Robert Stempian also with Habs markers.  Subs Paul Violassi(2) and Dougie Roehl score for the Sharks.  Kenny Wilkins of the Habs picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.

HAWKS    4     BRUINS    3

The battle for first place did not disappoint the self distancing four fans in attendance!  Game tied 3-3 late in the final period, when Hawks Captain Billy Hagen cleanly wins the face-off to the left of the Bruins goaltender and Brian Belloli one times the game winning goal!  Billy Hagen, Al Sparks and Mark Smyth also score for the Hawks.  Bo Altherr, Steve Lemieux(SH) and Curt Lesnau with the Bruins markers.  Curt Lesnau with an unsportsmanlike minor penalty as he disagreed with the young referee’s slashing call.  On a personal note here – my wife Tsuchie and grandson Brady(7) came to the game today.  Now Tsuchie is a hard core hockey fan and knows the game.  She has been watching me play since 1980.  Think about that – 41 years!  She has seen more zamboni’s than anyone I know.  So I get home and she goes “WTF – you look like Mantha out there!  Standing still – not moving your feet!”  I guess I can’t disagree, but I did tell her one thing – Mantha is 27 – I’m 67!  As the Rolling Stones sang – “Time Waits For No One!”

WINGS    2      HAWKS   2

On Ground Hog day it happened again!  The Hawks did not lose again as they extend their undefeated streak to 13 games!  Rob “Hurricane” Halbulber scores the game tying power play goal late in the final period.  Mark Smyth with the Hawks first goal.  The Wings played a great game as they almost sweep on the day!  As in game one – General Lee(SH) and sub Matt Lawson score for the Wings. Both goalies – Wings sub Paul Kaczmarek and the Hawks Brian Miller were excellent in nets!

SHARKS    2     FLYERS   1

A tight defensive battle as goalies Mike Schlimgen of the Sharks and Bobby Rutkoske of the Flyers shine in nets!  Sharks sub Paul “Brett Michaels” Violassi goes end to end and breaks the 1-1 tie in the final period.  Big Ben Haynes with the Sharks initial tally.  Sub Oyama scores for the Flyers who drop a deuce today.

BRUINS    6    HABS   3

Da Bruins right the ship behind the two goal game of Bob “Bugsy” Watson, who impaled himself on his second goal, breaking his stick in two into his chest!  Ouch!  Singles for Adam Godard, Steve Lemieux, Ronnie Meltsner and on a Wayne Gretzky type move behind the net – off the goalie – backhand – Curt Lesnau.  Kenny “Prime Time” Wilkins scores two beautiful goals for the Habs on his typical dangerous low laser of a shot.  Kenny gets into the slot area – look out – GOAL!  Mike Ala with their final goal.


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