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FLYERS   4    WINGS   0

Goaler Mike Schlingen and the Flyers completely dominate the Wings in this lop sided affair.  Deuces wild for Al Sparks and Ben Haynes.  No Wings highlights as they were unable to convert on two power play opportunities.

BRUINS   3     HAWKS   3

Jack Jenereaux of the Hawks scores the tying power play goal with just four minutes left in the contest!  Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel and Scott Shurin with the earlier Hawks markers.  John Perini(2) and Jeff “Dick” Tracy were the Bruins marksman.  Completely living up to his penalty minute leader moniker – the Bruins Chris Zanke picks up final period, tripping, a solo roughing and a high sticking minor penalties and an early exit from the game.  He was unable to watch Jenereaux’s game tying power play goal from the closed door locker room!

HABS   5    SHARKS   3

Sharks up 1-0 entering the final stanza, only to see the Habs fill the net with five final period goals!  “Gentleman” Don Courtley with the tour du chapeau!  The bilingual Mike Ala with the deuce and three helpers, participating in all five goals!  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins, David Walters and sub Steve “Mario” Lemieux score for the Fish.  Dr. Keri Topouzian picks up a solo roughing minor penalty for the Sharks.

FLYERS   6    SHARKS   2

Oh my!  A little retribution on the Flyers part in this contest!  Highly aggravated by the league’s stance on first place tie breakers, with head to head, instead of most wins being the directive for first place and a two point head start into the playoffs, the Flyers pound the Sharks!  Both teams were tied in points at the end of season two, but the Flyers had one more win than the Sharks.  The Sharks had the edge in head to head competition, so they ended up in first place.  Flyers didn’t see it that way, as they thought most wins should prevail, hence the dominate victory today!  Two goals apiece for Keith Foucher and Gerry Krause.  Singles for Ben Haynes and Jimmy George.  One of my all-time favorite defenseman, George Gray with a three assist game!  Joe Plati and sub Steve Lemieux with the Sharks markers as they drop a surprising deuce today.

WINGS   8    HAWKS   1

After getting blanked in game one, the Wings right the ship in this game!  The line of Mr. Bob “Bugsy” Watson(4 & 3), Ronnie Meltsner(2 & 5) and Al Pyc (2 & 1) total 17 points in the game and participate in all their teams scoring!  Seven points apiece for Watson and Meltsner – not bad!  Goal-keep Mike Mostyn maybe saw five shots in the game!  Mark Smyth was the only Hawk to solve Mr. Mostyn.  Gary Enmark(Roughing) and Bobby Watson(interference) hit the box in tandem.

HABS   1    BRUINS   1

A goaltender battle between Sir Kevin Beebe and Bobby Rutkoske!  Rob “The Rifleman” Duncan scores for the Bruins for their second tie of the day.  Jim “Jacques” Lemire with the French goal.  Why not?  Being a little ornery today – Chris Zanke with a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to add too his burgeoning penalty minute total today!



Which NHL team is credited with the tradition of the “Playoff Beard”?
Scroll down for the answer.
The New York Islanders in 1980 and went on to win the Cup from 1980 to 1984!

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