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WINGS   5     FLYERS   4

Subs Matt Lawson and Jeff Funk score on their first shifts of the game and the Wings snap a four game losing streak and finally figure out a way how to win without energizer bunny center Steve Orr, who has been on a three week hiatus.  Cam Lawrence, Bob Lee and Barry Piornack also score for the Wings.  The speedy Jimmy George tallies twice for the Flyers.  Singles for Keith Foucher and John Perini.

HABS   3     HAWKS    3

Billy Hagen ties the game up 3-3 with his second goal of the game for the Hawks.  Jack Priauix with their initial goal.  Sub John Siteriet with three helpers.  The Frenchmen play an excellent game today and receive goals from Kenny Wilkins(PP) and the Mikes – Ala(SH) and Lawson.

BRUINS   4    SHARKS   1

Da Bruins jump out to a 4 zip first period lead and harpoon the Sharks.  Bruins sub goalie Rick “Ticker” Chauvin with an excellent game between the pipes as he had several Shark players talking to themselves!  Bob “Bugsy” Watson with the deuce.  Singles for Steve Lemieux and Adam Godard.  Sub John Higgins with the lone Shark goal.  Steve Lemieux of the Bruins chops Rick Batchelder of the Sharks, who retaliates with a vicious Davey Crockett two hander and they both hit the box with slashing minors.

WINGS   5    HABS   3

The Wings sweep for the day behind the two goal game of sub Jeff Funk.  Funk’s unassisted second goal was a thing of beauty, as he skated through the whole Habs team twice and then casually slips the puck backhand five hole!  Singles for General Robert E. Lee, Barry Piornack and sub Matt Lawson.  Jeff Tracy, Gary Enmark and sub Oyama with the Habs markers.

BRUINS   4     FLYERS   1

The Bruins win their sixth out of eight games as center Steve “Mario” Lemieux scores on his first two shifts of the game.  Bo Altherr and returning from his two week suspension, Ken Debus also tally for the Bruins.  Debus passed his anger management class and was greatly helped by character witness Chris Zanke in his reinstatement league meeting.  As in game one – Bruins sub goalie “Ticker” Chauvin shined in nets!  John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini was the only Flyer to solve “Ticker”. Chris Raber of the Flyers picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.

HAWKS    5     SHARKS    4

The top spot Hawks remain undefeated in their past seven games as they defeat the Sharks.  The line of Billy Hagen(2 & 2), Brian Belloli(2 & 3) and Jack Priauix(3 Helpers) total 12 points in the game!  Former Mt. Clemens postal worker, sub Gary Szalanski also with a goal.  Sharks – Ben Haynes, Rick Batchelder, Al Pyc and sub Dougie Roehl.


Which player appeared in the most games for the Montreal Canadians?
Scroll down for the answer.
Henri “The Pocket Rocket” Richard
20 seasons and 1,258 games!

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