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WINGS   4     HABS   0

Dave Gaskey shutouts the Frenchmen!  Right winger Mike Harke scores twice for the Wings.  Bob Watson and on a tantalizing rising backhand shot – Paul Giles also with Wings goals.  No Habs highlights in this penalty free game.

BRUINS   1    FLYERS   1

Besieged Flyers goalie Bobby Rutkoske stole the show this game, as he stoned the Bruins time after time!  Robert Stempian with the Flyers marker.  Defenseman Dougie Roehl with a cannonading drive from the right point with the Bruins goal.

SHARKS   5     HAWKS   2

Captain Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich with a four point game(2 & 2) as he leads the Sharks to the W.  Singles for Todd Schurman, Keith Foucher and Ben Haynes.  Mark Smyth and Chuck Bowers tally for the Hawks, who were forced to play with nine players this game, due to the one game suspension of Jeff Morton regarding his actions of last week.  No penalties in the game.

BRUINS   3     WINGS   1

The “Best Worst Hockey Player” in the league – Doug Wargo, does a shake and bake on a Wings defenseman and goes top shelf blocker side on the games first shift for an early Bruins goal!  Joe Plati and on a breakaway with a Wings player draped all over him – Steve Lemieux also score for the Bruins.  Goalie Mike Schlimgen was outstanding this game, as he continually thwarted chance after chance from the Wings, one time leaving Mike Lawson just shaking his head!  As evidenced by only giving up a goal in each game today, Schlimgen and three of the four Bruins defenseman – Keith Lutz and the Doug’s – Wargo and Roehl were outstanding today!  Mike Lawson with the Wings lone goal.  The Wings had a blatant 3-0 opportunity and the person with the puck, head down, never looked up to pass it and got off a feeble shot!  Ouch!  Teammates Bob Watson and Bruce Gooel had a nasty collision as they both picked themselves up off of the ice.  This was a penalty free game.

FLYERS   6     HAWKS   3

The Flyers scores five times in the first period, to never put the outcome of this game in doubt!  Robert Stempian with the deuce.  Singles for Al Sparks, sub Paul Violassi and the Ken’s – Perko and Schaeffler.  Pat Berry with a career best five assist game!  Looking very dapper in a Barry Melrose sort of way – injured Flyers captain Ryan O’Rourke with a great job behind the bench today!  Gerry Krause, Mark Smyth and Chuck Bowers score for the Hawks, as they have a full complement of players this game, with Jeff Morton returning to the lineup.

SHARKS   2    HABS   1

Da Sharks go up 2 zip entering the final period and hold on for the victory.  Goalie Brian Miller was stellar in nets!  Steve Dietrich gives the Sharks an early lead scoring in the games first minute.  Ben Haynes with the eventual game winning goal.  Sharks and Bruins are now tied for the top spot. Don Courtley with the lone Habs goal of the day, as they continue to have season issues putting the puck in the net, evidenced by having the least goals in the league.



Scotty Bowman has been head coach of the following teams:
St. Louis Blues
Montrreal Canadians
Buffalo Sabers
 Pittsburgh Penguins
Detroit Red Wings
Of those five teams – which team did he coach the longest?
Detroit Red Wings – 9 seasons.

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