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FLYERS   4    WINGS   2

A tight 1-1 game entering the final stanza.  Then the Flyers pull away on goals from Pat Berry and sub Ken Debus.  Actor Jon Cryer lookalike(See Picture Below) Chuck Mouraine with the Flyers first and final goals.  Goalie Mike Haines with a strong effort in nets.  Returning from his three week Hawaiian vacation – Jimmy George and Doug Beck score for the Wings who see their five game unbeaten streak unceremoniously snapped.    

HABS    4     HAWKS   3

A well played game from both teams, as the French guys prevail.  Jim Chapie, Sam Bonanno, Rob Porter and sub Matt Lawson score for the Habs.  Billy Hagen with the Hawks first two markers.  Rick Batchelder scores with the goalie pulled to close the gap to no avail.  This was a penalty free game.   

BRUINS    5    SHARKS   4

And then it happened!  On the heels of an eleven game winless streak and down 3-0 entering the final period, Bruins Captain Steve Lemieux used his authoritative skills in-between periods and commanded his players to play the way he knows they can play!  Ronnie Meltsner promptly scores 36 ticks into the period!  Bo Altherr follows that up, scoring a minute and a half later!  Joe Plati scores three minutes after that, followed by final period goals from Keith Lutz and Captain Lemieux(Also 3 Helpers) and a rousing Bruins victory!  Sharks – Rob Lee, Todd Schurman, Ben Haynes and Al Sparks.  Another penalty free game.       

HAWKS   7    SHARKS   2

Still reeling from game one, the Sharks do not reach surface this game.  The newly formed GPS line of Adam Godard(1 & 3), Kenny Perko(4 helpers) and Robert Stempian(3 Goals) total 11 points in the game and navigate the Hawks to the W!  Bruce Buntin, Billy Hagen and sub “Hans” Brinker also with goals.  Rob Lee and Ben Haynes once again score for the Sharks, who are now 0-5 in their past five games.    Haynes with a solo roughing minor penalty.     

FLYERS   2     BRUINS   0

Mike Haines spins the well earned whitewash as the Flyers sweep on the day!  Chuck Mouraine and Ryan O’Rourke light the lamp for the Flyers.  No Bruins highlights.  

HABS   3    WINGS   2

In reverence to the great number nine Rocket Richard – Sammy Bonanno changes his number nine sweater to number seven and promptly records the tour du chapeau for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge!  Italian film actor Bruno Corazzar lookalike(See Picture Below) Robbie Porter with the tour du chapeau assist.  The first place Habs are now 5-0 in their past five games!  Doug “Jeff – Freeway Jam” Beck strums in both Wings goals.  The Wings drop a deuce today minus Captain Paul Giles, who was in Houston attending a football game that was played Monday.    




Who are the four NHL goalies to win the Conn Smyth Trophy(PLAYOFF MVP) on losing Stanley Cup Final teams?

Roger Crozier

Glenn Hall

Ron Hextall

Jean-Sebastien Giguere

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