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BRUINS   2     WINGS   0

Da Bruins clinch first place and a two point head start into the playoffs in two weeks!  The Curts – Bailey and Lesnau do the honors for the Bruins.  But the story of this game was the outstanding shutout puck stopping efforts of Bruins goalie Rick “Ticker” Chauvin.  Ticker had the Wings shaking their heads multiple times!  Wings sub goaler Billy Papciak with a strong game in nets!

HAWKS   3    FLYERS   2

The Hawks extend their winning streak to five games!  Down 2-0 the Hawks defeat the Flyers.  Sub Matt Lawson, Mark Smyth and with the game winner – Billy Hagen tally for the Hawks.  Getting married last Saturday, sub Matt Lawson bypassed his honeymoon to play hockey today!  He has his priorities right – Lol!  Red hot Bruce Buntin with both Flyers goals.

HABS   6    SHARKS   1

Total domination by the Frenchmen!  Deuces wild for David Herkowitz and Stevie Lambert.  John Dooley and Kenny Wilkins with singles.  Jimmy George with the hat trick assist.  Al Sparks with the lone Shark goal in this penalty free game.

BRUINS   6    HAWKS   5

Wow!  The Bruins score four times in the games last seven minutes to stun the Hawks and sweep on the day, after last weeks season first double dip loss!  The Bruins continue their magic against the Hawks, as they have defeated them every game this season!  Steve “Mario” Lemieux with two late final period goals, the last one coming with 40 ticks left on the arena clock to snap the tie!  Rick Batchelder, Tommy Oswald, Curt Bailey and after being waived from the Hawks last season – Rob “Hurricane” Halbhuber continues his season long goal game scoring streak against the Hawks.  Hawks – Mark Smyth(2) Brian Belloli(Breakaway), Billy Hagen and Harrison Twp. resident Tom McHugh.

HABS   3     FLYERS   1

These Habs are definitely getting playoff ready as they sweep on the day and win their fourth game in a row!  John Dooley, Stevie Lambert and sub Mark “Freddy” Lynn score for the Habs.  Sammy Bonanno with the Flyers lone goal.

WINGS   6     SHARKS   2

The Wings play a great game and harpoon the Sharks during Shark Week!  Jeff “Dick” Tracy tommy guns in two goals.  Singles for Bo Altheer, Bob Lee, Robbie Porter and sniper Ronnie Meltsner.  Mike Lawson and sub Mike Krueger tally for the Sharks in this penalty free game.



In the 1988-1989 season, which four different players had 150 points or more?

Wayne Gretzky

Bernie Nicholls

Mario Lemieux

Steve Yzerman

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