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SHARKS   3    WINGS   0

Puck stopper Brian Miller comes up big and blanks the Wings!  General Robert E. Lee leads his troops with his teams first two goals.  Bruce “The Enabler” Gooel with a power play marker.  The undisciplined Wings rack up five penalties, featured by the over aggressive and sometimes out of control Brian Belloli, who incurs slashing and roughing minor infractions.  His counterpart was mild mannered Steve Dietrich – with body checking and roughing minor penalties.   

 BRUINS   2    FLYERS   1

Bruins goalie Mike Schlimgen was outstanding between the pipes this game!  Johnny “On the Spot” Dooley and Jeff Tracy with the game winning goal, score for the men in yellow.  Todd Schurman with the Flyers goal.  

HAWKS   5     HABS   5

PAYBACK!  These two teams met the final week of the season and the Hawks erased a late 3-0 Habs lead with three goals in a 47 second span to crush the Habs first pace aspirations!  This game, the French guys roar back from a 4-1 deficit to tie the game up!  Wearing number ten and rekindling memories of Guy Lafleur flying down the right wing – Mike Ala with the tour du chapeau!  Chuck Mouraine and Kenny Wilkins with singles.  Al Pyc goes twine twice for the Hawks.  Singles for Billy Hagen, Doug Beck and on a beautiful tape to tape backhand pass from the opposition – Rick Batchelder.  This was a penalty free game with five fans in attendance!         


These Sharks are swimming upstream in the playoffs, as they are now in 4-0 and reside in first place!  Big Ben Haynes with a two goal game.  Singles for Rob Lee, Bruce Gooel, Doug Wargo and Pat “Crazy Legs” Berry.  Dougie Roehl and Bobby Watson tally for the Bruins.   

FLYERS   5    HAWKS   4

The two oldest teams in the league offer a very entertaining game!  The Flyers have a combined age of 691, followed by a combined 687 years for the Hawks!  The Flyers mix it up and have forwards playing defense and defenseman playing forward.  It worked!  Sleepy eyed Todd Schurman with the trick for the Flyers.  Bruce Buntin, on a beautiful pass from Keith Foucher and the absolute highlight goal of the game – when left winger Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi patiently waits out the goalie and then goes backhand crossbar water bottle top shelf!  Marine Kenny Schaeffler with the hat trick assist.  These Flyers were expertly coached today by Sammy Bonanno who stumbled out of his car Saturday and turned his ankle!  Playing a great overall game – Billy Hagen with the deuce for the Hawks.  Al Pyc and “Black” Jack Priauix also tally for the last place Hawks.          

HABS  6   WINGS   1

Whoa!  The high flying Wings drop a deuce today in decisive fashion!  The Bleu Blanc et Rouge were flying this game as right winger Mike Ala records another hat trick!  Nice games today Mike!  Kenny Wilkins, Donald Courtley and the blinged up Mike Harke, also tally for the Habs.  Wearing his American flag du rag – goalie “Sugar” John Marchin shined in nets!  American politician Bill Richardson lookalike(See Picture Below) Howard Smith with the lone Wings goal.


Name me the three NHL players all-time, with at least 500 goals and 2,000 penalty minutes.

Hint – Two are former Red Wings.

Keith Tkachuk

Brendan Shanahan

Pat Verbeek

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