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FLYERS   4    BRUINS   2

Billy Hagen scores 14 ticks into the game and John Zuccarini takes care of the rest, with the hat trick for the Flyers!  Adam Godard and Bobby Watson tally for the men in yellow.

HAWKS   5   HABS   2

The Hawks score twice on the power play and jump out to a 4-0 first period lead.  Jeff “Dick” Tracy tommy guns in two goals.  Singles for Mark Smyth, Steve Orr and plucked off the streets of Grosse Pointe, sub Cam “Steamboat” Lawrence.  Mike Ala and Jimmy “Boog” Powell score for the Frenchmen.

SHARKS   1    WINGS   1

Don’t you just love a good goaltender battle?  Bobby Rutkoske of the Wings and Mike Schlingen of the Sharks exhibited just that!  Both puck stoppers stood on their proverbial heads in this playoff stalemate!  Wings sub Steve “Mario” Lemieux and Sharks veteran forward Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich were the only players to find the back of the net in this penalty free contest.

SHARKS   4     BRUINS   2

Game tied 2-2 late in the game.  Then Ben Haynes scores his third goal of the game with two minutes left and sub “Jacques” Lemire goes top shelf 20 seconds later for the Fish, who remain undefeated in the playoffs!  Bobby Watson and Randy Debeul score for the Bruins, who remain winless in the playoffs.  No trips to the sin bin for either team.

FLYERS   3    HAWKS   3

This was a rough and tumble broad street bully type of playoff game, with the Hawks hitting the box five times and the Flyers four!  Game tied 2-2 until Dave “Buckeye” Wahl scores shorthanded for the Flyers to put them up 3-2 with six minutes left in the game.  Twenty seconds later, with Flyers sub Lawson still sitting in the box, Mark Smyth scores his second goal of the game for the Hawks to tie it up 3-3.  Hawks sub Cam Lawrence with their initial marker as they remain undefeated in the playoffs.  Billy Hagen and sub Lawson with singles for the Flyers.  The Flyers Al Platt(Holding) and the Hawks Jack Jenereaux(Roughing) hit the box in tandem on the games first shift.  The Flyers Billy Hagen(Holding) and the Hawks Steve Orr(Holding) waltz off to the box together in the first period.

WINGS   7    HABS   4

The Wings earn their first W of the playoffs behind the two goal games of James George and sub Steve Lemieux.  Singles for Gerry Krause and subs Dougie Roehl and Niecalek.  Ronnie Meltsner scores the Habs first goal.  Mike Ala with the tour du chapeau for the Habs.  Following the game, one of the Wings sidles up to Mr. Ala and says: “I don’t know what your learning in the “A” league on Thursday’s – but its working!”


There are 87 players who have reached the 1,000 point mark in the NHL.
Who are the only brothers to accomplish this task?
Scroll down for the answer.
Twin brothers Henrik and Daniel Sedin formerly of the Vancouver Canucks.

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