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R League – Weekly Update (July 5, 2016)

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BRUINS   6    LEAFS   6

The Leafs score twice in the games last two minutes – their fifth goal on a power play and the tying goal short handed with 32 ticks left on the clock to stun the Bruins!  Let’s not mention the goalies in this free for all!  Leafs get the natural hat trick from Irish sub McRea.  Singles from Jack Jenereaux, sub Kevin Mahon and the tying goal from Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel.  Al Platt with three assists.  Mr. Brian Belloli with his first career 4 goal game for the men in yellow!  Bob “Bugsy” Watson and Dave “Hammer” Arsenault also with markers.  Barry Piornack and Dougie Roehl both with three helpers.  Arsenault and Watson both pick up solo 2 minute roughing penalties in this run and gun and absolutely entertaining contest.

HABS   7    HAWKS   3 

3-3 end on one.  Then the Frenchmen put a hurting on the Hawks!  Mike Lawson with the tour du chapeau for the Habs.  Kenny “Prime Time” Wilkins with the deuce.  Singles for Cam Lawrence and Moncton call up, reporter “Jimmy” Olson.  Keri Topouzian, James George and sub Lawson score for the Hawks in this penalty free encounter.

STARS    1    WINGS    0 

Stars Captain Howard Smith has a little talk with his team prior to the drop of the puck, as the two top teams face off.  “These guys have a ton of fire power – we have to play D and hope for a bounce!”   That’s exactly what happened, as sub, Big Mike Folster found the puck on his stick and made no mistake for the games only goal!  Stars puck stopper Bobby Rutkoske was outstanding in nets!  Grand Rapids call up Rick “Ticker” Chauvin likewise was excellent between the pipes.  The fired up Stars Captain, Smith with a solo roughing minor penalty.

HAWKS   5    LEAFS   5 

Really!  The Leafs did it again!  They score twice in the games last two minutes for another high scoring tie!  As in game one – Mr. Clutch – Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel scores the tying goal with 30 seconds left!  Hope Bruce’s cooler was full today!  Al Platt, Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich, Mikey Declercq and sub Kevin Mahon round out the Leafs scoring.  Hawks – James George(2), Jimmy “Boog” Powell, James Chapie and sub Lawson.

STARS   3    BRUINS    1

The Stars shine brightly today as they win their second consecutive doubleheader!  The line of Ronnie Meltsner(2&1) and subs Mike Folster(1&2) and “Mario” Lemieux(3 Helpers) factor in all of the teams scoring as they total nine points in the game.  Bobby Rutkoske with another stellar game in nets.  Bruins sub G. Benskey with the lone marker.

HABS   5    WINGS   4

Habs forward Ben Haynes scores with 16 seconds left on the Troy Arena clock as the Frenchmen sweep for the day!  The top spot Wings make things interesting in the standings, as they drop a deuce today.  Kenny Wilkins, Cam Lawrence, David Walters and sub Olson with singles for the Habs.  Wings – Marty Sell(2), Gary Enmark and Chuck Mouraine.  Paul Giles with 3 helpers.

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